Q&A with our TCM Doctors. Carla Brion.

Here at Your Tea, we’re lucky enough to work with many talented…

Here at Your Tea, we’re lucky enough to work with many talented and highly qualified Chinese Medicine practitioners. If you’ve ever listened to one of our podcasts read one of our blog posts or watched a video of ours, then these names may be quite familiar to you.

These interviews are a chance to get to know our Chinese Medicine practitioners better. We’ve asked them a series of our favourite questions; personal, fun and insightful!

Name: Carla Brion

TCM area of specialty: Women’s Health: Pregnancy + Postnatal Care.

1. Your star sign: Pisces Aries Cusp.

2. Most fascinating fact about the body: Female Nipples and their ability to nourish and nurture life, as well as pickup on any of baby’s ailments and adapt her breast milk to heal baby. Such an amazing part of the human body!

3. 2 foods to avoid for bloat: White bread + onions.

4. Never accept the following ailment: “Time-poor”  (we all have the same amount of hours in the day but it’s the way we choose to use them and how we prioritise it.

5. Favourite acupuncture point and why. CV-15 the “doves tail” as it spreads qi gently and beautifully, opens the heart and calms the spirit.

6. Favourite form of energy healing? Acupuncture !!!

7. 3 chinese herbs you can’t live without: Hong Zao (Chinese red date), Gou Qi Zi (Goji), Shan Yao (Chinese Yam)

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