Did you ruin your digestion? Or something else?

So your stomach is ruined. You’re constantly tired, constantly sore, constantly unable…

So your stomach is ruined. You’re constantly tired, constantly sore, constantly unable to understand what sets your digestion off, constantly trying a world of lotions and potions.

Being uncomfortable is time consuming, and often plants us in the present with the pain and discomfort. Yet, this gives us little chance to dig back into the past.

Because let’s ask a very basic question… what triggered it all?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is a concept of “Constitutional V Acquired Weakness”.

Constitutional weakness being what your are genetically predisposed to, emotionally, physically and energetically.

Here, it can be quite easy to observe constitutional predispositions within a family.

For example, if you have a tendency to migraines, does a parent also? Asibling also? This concept of inherited constitutional predisposition is referred to as “Physical Karma” in TCM (read more on Physical Karma here).

Patterns within biological families can be quite clear to see. Within TCM, working with your constitutional weakness takes time, understanding and diligence. Meaning that, if you don’t take care of your inherited weakness, it may always be an ongoing issue. For example, perhaps you’re a ‘Fire Type’ constitution. These types are best to avoid spicy food, stimulants and lack of sleep. Since they are already wired to be a little anxious, hot, and hyperactive – adding in hot spicy foods can really exacerbate these symptoms even further.

On the other hand, ‘Acquired Weakness’ is something that we have quite literally squired.

Staying up late, sleeping little, staying in a toxic relationship, eating toxic foods, lack of movement… the obvious list goes on. So if we over extend our bodies with lifestyle/emotional choices that are not conducive to wellness, then we acquire weaknesses.

Knowing this, that there are two options in which weaknesses can exist (Constitutional or Acquired’), we can then asses where your belly aches/insomnia/poor skin/exhaustion is stemming from.

There are many solutions out there to help repair bodies from damage, however unless we stop adding more damage, the solutions are fairly useless.

In summery, before you start supplements for a damaged stomach, look back at what may be influencing it.

Are you sleeping? Are you eating well? Are you treating yourself well?

Sometimes the most cost effective solutions are free.

Albeit difficult.

To learn more about ‘Constitutional Vs Acquired Weakness’, listen to our Podcast by TCM Dr. Lee Smith here.

Yours in honesty,
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