Some may call it ‘mum/mom life’. Unfortunately, seeing women suffer from postnatal depletion is becoming too common.

Exhausted post-baby. Rock bottom…

“Some may call it ‘mum/mom life’. Unfortunately, seeing women suffer from postnatal depletion is becoming too common. In these modern times, mothers wear too many hats (some wear all) and have too many responsibilities when really as a new mother, we need to be doing less.

To be the best mother and woman, we need to look after ourselves and as cliche as it sounds, fill up our own cup. After growing a baby for 9 months and then birthing it (which is a task that is out of this world impressive), we can become deficient in Qi, Yin, and Blood. This takes a toll on our kidneys, and subsequently, our hormones may go haywire.

If you were prone to being deficient before you became a mother, then there’s a high likelihood that you’ll fall into a state of depletion in your fourth trimester; especially if you have more than one child to raise and nurture. 
Genetics make up who you are, this is your ‘constitution’. Some of us are strong, some of us less robust. We are who we are. However, how we look after and nourish ourselves (with food and self-care) and the way we live out our daily lives makes a dramatic difference to our health and will ultimately impact our constitution. Ideally, we want to live a holistic, aligned life.

If you want to care for your hormones or conceive again in the future, it’s important that your cycle returns and with regularity. Replenishing, nourishing and supporting your fertility, whether you are planning to conceive again or not, is important. Here’s where the Fertility Tea can assist. It works as a system reboot, to nourish your kidneys and vital essence and to get your body functioning more efficiently. This system reboot will, in turn, support the quality and supply of breastmilk too”.

Words from our TCM Dr. Carla Brion.

Yours in wellness,
Your Tea
Traditional Chinese Restoratives

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Fertility Herbs Tea

Fertility Herbs Tea

Our Fertility Herbs Tea was specifically developed to support and address imbalances of the female reproductive system. Imbalances such as PMS, PCOS, irregular cycles, hormonal skin and mood fluctuations included. Fertility Herbs Tea is ideal for all women experiencing a range of issues, given that the word ‘fertile’ from a TMC perspective refers to being ‘free of imbalance’ – this blend is not designated just to women wishing to conceive.


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