Phlegm & damp = cellulite?

Cellulite has a very different explanation from a Chinese Medicine perspective; no,…

Cellulite has a very different explanation from a Chinese Medicine perspective; no, it’s not simply ‘fat and toxins’. Let’s explore it from a TCM point of view.

There is a reason why cellulite creams, vacuum assisted therapy and laser treatments – don’t yield the ‘advertised results’. From a TCM perspective, there is a much more realistic and understandable explanation to cellulite and better yet, some realistic solutions.

We must preface with the notion that cellulite is irrelevant from an ‘aesthetic’ perspective. Cellulite is simply a visible example of an internal imbalance. If one has cellulite, they likely also suffer with a host of other uncomfortable symptoms too, which we will explore in depth below.

Firstly, let’s break it down. Traditional Chinese Medicine views cellulite as a buildup of dampness in the body and relates to a poor digestive function therefore impeding the circulation of fluids in the body. The Earth elements, also known as the Spleen and Stomach, are the 2 Zang Fu organs mostly associated with the digestive process, (although the Wood elements, Liver and Gall bladder, also play a role in helping with the metabolism of food in the body and the Metal elements, Lung and Large Intestine, have the function of distributing fluids around the body). When the Earth element is out of balance due to over thinking/study, worry, sitting at a desk for long periods of time and not getting enough exercise and the over consumption of damp producing foods and fluids i.e.: diary, wheat, processed fast foods, sugar and the likes. This combined with a stressful lifestyle and repressed emotions all weaken the spleen and stomach’s ability to function and over a period of time begins to store the buildup of damp toxins within the body and in this case just under the skin. 

Hence from a TCM perspective, if one has cellulite present, they may also be dealing with:

  • Weak energy in the digestive system
  • Accumulation of ‘phlegm and mucus’
  • Poor blood flow
  • Poor lymphatic flow
  • Sub optimal hormones (specifically oestrogen)

None of which leave the body feeling comfortable, energised or balanced.

Which is why it is important to understand cellulite for the internal conditions that are creating it, not from an external, aesthetic perspective.

At Your Tea, we have a blend called ‘Anti-C Herbs Tea‘. It is a 4 week program (to consume two cups of the herbs, daily), which is aimed at reducing phlegm and damp internally. Further more, this blend address digestive integrity, so that one does not continue to accumulate phlegm or damp via poor digestion. Anti-C Herbs also aim to address liver integrity; important for hormone function whilst also promoting blood flow.

If you’re interested to find out more about this 4-week program, head to our Anti-C Herbs Tea page where you’ll find all you need to know.



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