Cellulite checklist.

How can you help (nay, not help) cellulite? Cellulite is formed internally, not…

How can you help (nay, not help) cellulite?

Cellulite is formed internally, not externally.

Hence if you’re wanting to address cellulite seriously, let’s look at some ways in which you can help out via diet, lifestyle and choices. Herbs aside; here’s some tools.

1. Avoid raw vegetables and fruit. They can be hard to digest and so can cause cellulite by slowing your metabolism and food break down. Cook your vegetables and fruit until they are warm, not wilted.

2. Eat warm, nourishing foods such as stews and soups. Warm foods are easier for your body to digest.

3. Avoid food and drink with preservatives, additives, chemicals, and other nasty toxins.

4. Avoid cold water. Instead of putting ice in your glass, drink it lukewarm or drink tea.

5. Don’t drink excessive amounts of water or this may ‘waterlog’ your body, giving cellulite a nice nesting ground.

6. Sweat it! A healthy exercise routine will promote blood flow—crucial to aiding stagnant cellulite removal.

7. Give yourself a massage in cellulite prone areas to promote blood flow. Ask your sweetie to help massage—it will be a gift for both of you.

8. Reduce your alcohol intake.

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Anti-C Tea

Anti-C Tea

Our Anti-C Tea herbs are designed to address the body from the inside, to out. Cellulite – whilst not an aesthetic concern, can reveal what is happening inside the body. For many women, cellulite can indicate the presence of phlegm and damp; both of which are difficult to move given the ‘sticky’ conditions. The herbs in our Anti-C Tea are traditionally designed to soak and drain phlegm and damp from the body. Other herbs aim to address digestive integrity and encourage the movement of food stagnation – especially for bloat accumulated in the upper stomach region.


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