Perimenopause and our Menopause Herbs.

If you’re going through perimenopause and are wondering how our Menopause herbs... ...more

How Chinese Medicine Views Sleep and Why it’s Vital For Our Energy.

The yin/yang concept of sleep (best times to go to sleep and... ...more

Perimenopause – Diet and Lifestyle Changes to Make.

Going through perimenopause and wondering how to best nurture your body? Well,... ...more

4 Reasons You Should Look for Cervical Fluid Every Day!

Let’s talk about cervical fluid… “It looks like I just gave birth... ...more

Perimenopause explained from a TCM perspective.

Perimenopause. The early onset of, the timing of and/or what is peri-menopause…... ...more

Transition to Menopause, from a TCM perspective.

TCM Dr. Lauren Curtain talks about some tips from a TCM perspective... ...more

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