Ingredients to Combat Stress

Traditional Chinese herbal ingredients to combat stress. ...more

Ingredients to Assist Digestion

Let's talk about digestion from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective, and what ingredients can help ease or assist digestion. ...more

What Is A Chakra Anyway?

The chakras correspond to organs and nerve centres in the body, effecting us emotionally - and spiritually. So it's important to understand what each chakra represents and what we ...more

The Energy of the Universe…and you

"Have you joined the dots to this wild crazy thing called life and realised that everything is connected?" Dr Nat TCM ...more

Shedding the last few kilos

Dr Nat TCM talks 'phlegm', which is what could be standing in the way of you and your healthy weight. ...more

6 Great Post-Marathon Gifts for the Runners in Your Life

Everyone has a friend that spends more time in sneakers, leggings and racer-back tops than actual clothing. Jessica Thiefels highlights some gifts for the runners in your life. ...more

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