Foods that aggravate acne.

Because the health of your skin is made from within. ...more

Gemini the Twin.

Prone to a change of mind, often. Intelligent. Quick witted. Infectiously fun. Full of energy but crashes and burns equally as fast. Our guru astrologer Kaypacha chats exclusively to ...more

The truth about Taurans by Kaypacha.

Reliable. Practical. Ambitious. Astrology guru Kaypacha chats with us one on one, all about the loyal Taurus. Just when you thought you knew them... watch this video! ...more

Cellulite in the ‘uncommon’ places…

Have you ever had a glimpse of some cellulite in a place that makes next to no sense? Booty? Ok fair enough. Thighs? Ok fair enough. But the top of ...more

Endometriosis explained in detail.

Endometriosis. A painful problem that we hear about far too often at... ...more

Aries: impulsive, driven, anger, loyalty, adrenal glands.

Aries: Fiery. Impulsive. Anger issues. Loyal. Adrenal gland issues. Prone to inflammation. Sore eyes. ...more

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