women worried about missing period after going off the pill

Missing period after the pill?

Have you been taking the contraceptive pill, decided to you’d like to... ...more

Fake periods on the pill.

TCM Dr. Daria Sheptiskaya (@tranquiliqi) talks to us about a common myth;... ...more

Why our Digestive Herbs formula is unique.

TCM requires a very intricate balancing of herbs. Yin and Yang. Every... ...more

Digestive Herbs when pregnant, breastfeeding and post birth.

Can you? Should you? Do you need to? We have many customers... ...more

Potential side effects from Digestive Herbs (positive side effects, that is).

What to expect? How should my body react? What should I feel... ...more

Vivid dreams from our Digestive Herbs

Yes – it’s a thing. Many, many customers write into us confused... ...more

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