Consuming our herbs consecutively.

Can you remain on our herbal blends? If so, for how long?…

Can you remain on our herbal blends? If so, for how long? Do you switch, do you remain on the same blend? 

All the questions and more answered below. 

“Can I remain on your herbal blends continuously?” 
Yes indeed. 
For all of our blends, 2 consecutive programs in a row (8 weeks in total), at 2 cups of our herbs per day, is the great place to begin. 
After this time, your body will have received enough of our herbs at that dosage (2 per day), meaning, you can then reduce down to 1 cup per day. 

“Why 1 cup per day?” 
This is a maintenance level of herbs. The body can continue to reap the benefits of our herbs, continue to restore and do their job. 

“But can I remain on 2 cups even after 8 weeks?” 
Yes, if you feel like your body is needing and wanting 2 cups per day, you can continue to do so. It’s important to be intuitive with your body, feel what it’s needing and when. Up to 4 months on our blends, twice daily, is suffice. 

“Can I consume occasionally; rather than daily/twice daily?” 
If you’ve had our herbs before, then yes. 
For example, if you’re about to menstruate and you’re suffering from a little PMS, then a few days prior, you can jump onto 3 cups of Fertility Herbs per day (for 3-5 days during your cycle) to ease the PMS. 
Or another example, if you’ve had a weekend of poor eating/a week of high stress, you can consume our Digestive Herbs 3 times a day for 3-5 days, for a fast rebalance. 
Once you’ve been consuming our blends for a while, you will be able to understand how to intuitively consume them for your body’s needs. 

Yours in answers,
Your Tea
Traditional Chinese Restoratives 

Your Tea

Your Tea

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