8 Reasons to Drink Her Tea

Have you always wondered if Her Tea is the right tea for you? We’ve got 8 reasons that you should try it out.

We love all of our teas, but our Her Tea is something special. It’s packed with herbs and nutrients that were specially chosen to give you amazing results in one great tea bag. Don’t believe us? Check out these eight reasons to give Her Tea a chance today.

  1. Delicious: Her Tea has a sweet, yummy flavor that anyone can enjoy. Its base of Oolong Tea is earthy while goji berries and chrysanthemum make it sweet and refreshing.
  2. Gentle: Her Tea is so gentle you can drink it every day without any problems. It can even be combined with our Digestive Herbs (formerly Tiny Tea) or Man Tea for an extra boost.
  3. Immune Boosting: The ingredients in Her Tea, such as Gou Qi, are packed full of free-radical fighting antioxidants to keep you healthy.
  4. Mood Enhancing: Chrysanthemum is known for its ability to alleviate stress, revitalize the senses, and calm the body. All necessary for a happier you.
  5. PMS Helping: Women’s bodies change, regularly. Her Tea was designed to balance out everyday ailments of the female body, particularly for those that suffer from PMS and need to level out their symptoms.
  6. Digestion Calming: Her Tea was blended to be gently nursing to your digestive system with herbs like Gou Qi, known for supporting healthy digestive function.
  7. Bloat Reducing: No one likes to bloat, and that’s why Her Tea works on your system to discourage bloating and even assist in your weight loss.
  8. Skin Clearing: The herbs in Her Tea were blended to make sure that you don’t go from feeling bootylicious one day to terrible the next. Oolong Tea is great for your skin health, and mixed with Gou Qi they benefit your hair and nails too.

Yours in wellness,
Your Tea
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