The elusive factor in your health journey that is often over looked.

How much do we underestimate stress? Are you stressed? Do you get stressed easily? Do you internalize it so you appear fairly relaxed on the outside, yet exploding on the inside? Are you an external stressor, where everyone can see you’re pulling your hair out?

Either mode of stress, none of us are immune to stress.

Simply being in and around someone else’s stress is enough for us to lap up that energy indirectly and walk away with a nasty little package of stress in our gut.

How does stress look like from a physical perspective? TCM Dr. Nat explains: “Stress sets off a chain of the events in the body. It triggers the production of cortisol and adrenaline—stress hormones—which severely disrupt the production of other hormones such as progesterone and serotonin—required for sleep. Lack of serotonin also causes food cravings and leads to magnesium (required for healthy hormones) being dumped into the urine rather than being utilised. Magnesium is needed to produce serotonin”.

Ouch right?

But it doesn’t stop there. Not only can stress trigger the above immediate issues – it can keep on going and manifest in secondary issues.

TCM Dr. Nat explains; “From a Chinese Medicine perspective each of our organs absorb our emotions in different ways. This means that different feelings will impact the body and affect certain areas. For example, the emotion attached to the liver is anger, as is the emotion of the lung sadness. If there is residual sadness over a long period of time, one may experience chest infections or recurrent coughs for no real reason. It isn’t until the emotion is dealt with and we gain understanding of how to nurture our stresses in a positive way that the body can fully heal”.

It’s so important that we ourselves get clear on where our own life’s negativity is actually coming from.

And it’s even more important to take a good hard look at where stress can be coming from; and begin to eliminate where possible.

When elimination is not possible; coping methods is your next best bet.

In fact, blends like our Happy Tea and Sleep tea are created specifically for physical coping methods. Simply via addressing the different organs that hold onto stress and reliving them of their load. Chinese Medicine is an incredibly intelligent (and ancient) form of addressing the body holistically.

So it’s over to you – if stress is taking control of your life, take control of it.

Yours in Destressing,

Your Tea

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Happy Herbs Tea

Happy Herbs Tea

Our Happy Herbs Tea is a unique blend of incredibly calming and soothing Chinese herbs. Ultimately, this blend aims to address internal disharmony naturally, without the use of artificial ‘mood enhancers’. The ingredients aim to improve overall mood whilst simultaneously addressing the digestive system; which can tend to store a lot of emotional pressure from a TCM perspective.


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