One of the famous benefits of our Digestive Herbs (formerly known as…

One of the famous benefits of our Digestive Herbs (formerly known as TinyTea), is their ability to eradicate food intolerances and sensitivities for many.

We’ve received incredible feedback over the years with this blend having helped tame the most intolerant and temperamental of guts. Of course, being intolerance to one or many food types is incredibly disrupted both physically and emotionally.

The aim of our Digestive Herbs is to repair the gut, so that it is able to digest and assimilate foods. Meaning you can better utilise what you’re feeding yourself and carry on pain free, bloat free and ‘running for a bathroom’ free.

TCM Dr. Lauren Curtain explains in further depth exactly how the ingredients in Digestive Herbs (formerly TinyTea) operate to address gut dysfunction.

“In Chinese medicine, there is the perspective that we should be able to eat ‘anything’ without experiencing discomfort/pain or bloating. Now they weren’t talking about anything as in junk food that doesn’t support our health, but any whole foods that are bodies should be able to use for fuel. In Chinese medicine, we see food intolerances as a weakness of the Spleen and Stomach, an inability to digest and absorb certain foods. Rather than just avoiding these foods, we want to correct the underlying functioning of these organs for overall health and to be able to reintroduce these foods if desired. Digestive Herbs contain a specifically formulated blend of herbs that aim to support the functioning of the organs involved in digestion in Chinese medicine like the Stomach, Spleen and Liver. When these organs are functioning optimally our digestive systems are strong and robust. Many of our customers report improvements in previously diagnosed food intolerances after taking Digestive Herbs due to the strengthening in their digestive system and improving the ability to extract essential nutrients and process and eliminate waste efficiently and effectively.”

Yours in a happy gut,
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