Just how do our Digestive Herbs do what they do? How do…

Just how do our Digestive Herbs do what they do? How do they allow weight loss for many? How do the encourage skin health for many? How do they address issue such as inflammation, PMS, stagnation, fluid retention, phlegm and damp for many?

So many questions. Our newly named Digestive Herbs (formerly TinyTea), has been doing the same job in bodies globally since 2013. We haven’t changed ingredients. We haven’t changed formulas. Why? Because this formula has worked a treat for millions around the globe. And you know what they say – when it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

So we haven’t.

We’re merely explaining it because knowledge is power and we can never have enough of either.

TCM Dr. Lauren Curtain chats in depth about the functionality and intentions of our Digestive Herbs (again, formerly known as TinyTea) and their specific ingredients.

“Digestive Herbs is a combination of fruits, seeds, stems, roots and leaves to create a balancing and strengthening effect on the digestive system. The aim of our Digestive Herbal blend is to maximise the functioning of the digestive system. The Spleen and Stomach are seen as the center of the digestive system in Chinese medicine, and this is the focus of our formula, strengthening their functioning whilst also helping to metabolise excess fluids and clear out excess accumulations in the form of fluids and dampness.

Shan Zha (Hawthorn Berry) is one of our star herbs in our blend that helps to move food easily through the digestive system and prevent accumulations. Barely Sprouts (Mai Ya) is included for its ability to clear dampness from the body and regulate the liver qi, which also helps to metabolise excess hormones and toxins. Jue Ming Zi (Cassia Seed) helps to clear heat and inflammation and regulate bowel movements and fluid metabolism.

Other herbs in the blend such as Shen Qi, Ze Xie, Qian Niu Zi, Chi Xiao Dou and Huo Xiang are included for their ability to move dampness out from the body and regulate fluid metabolism.

Xia Ku Cao and Lu Cha also clear inflammation which can impact digestive function.

All the herbs work together to create a synergistic effect on the digestion system for optimal functioning and health overall”.

But let’s get more specific and talk about the GIANT difference between Cassia seed and Senna leaf. Because we know the word Cassia makes many of you run for the hills – due to

misinformation. The first fact to remember? Cassia seed is not a laxative. Whilst it stems from the same plant as Senna Leaf, its functionality is entirely different.

TCM Dr. Lauren Curtain continues on;

“Senna leaf is well known for being used for its laxative effect and to help with weight loss. We do not use Senna Leaf in Digestive Herbs (or any of our blends). In Chinese medicine, Senna leaf is categorised as a strong purgative that quickly unblocks the bowel. Whilst this may be useful in some specific situations (and always used under the guidance of an experienced herbalist), our Digestive Herbs are not aimed at overriding the function of your digestive system, but rather improving its function overall so you are able to digest food effectively and not require harsher intervention. The blend in Digestive Herbs are aimed at strengthening and building digestive function by strengthening the spleen and stomach – the centre of our digestive health in Chinese medicine. Cassia seed is included in Digestive Herbs for its ability to regulate bowel movements in a gentle yet effective way”.

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Digestive Herbs Tea (Tiny Tea)

Digestive Herbs Tea (Tiny Tea)

Our core blend Digestive Herbs was specifically developed to aid in the gentle restoration of a depleted digestive system. Ideal for systems prone to bloat, discomfort, unpredictability and general dysfunction. The Chinese herbs are designed to warm, nourish and repair the system naturally, so that it may perform its intended role of digestion.


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