Vivid dreams from our Digestive Herbs

Yes – it’s a thing. Many, many customers write into us confused…

Yes – it’s a thing.

Many, many customers write into us confused as to why their dreams change dramatically whilst consuming our Digestive Herbs (formerly known as TinyTea).

Trust us, there are tens of thousands of people who have experienced this and there’s a very relevant explanation as to why.

So it’s over to TCM Dr. Lauren to explain the intricacies.

“We get consistent feedback from our customers of reports of vivid/cathartic dreams after taking Digestive Herbs. If you experience this, it is very normal and not something to be worried or concerned about, and is in fact, a good sign! In Chinese medicine, all our organs store past and present emotions. If we aren’t actively processing and expressing our emotions, they can get stored in our tissues and organ systems. Often when people begin a healing journey whether it is through bodywork like therapeutic massage or acupuncture, emotions that were stored in the body can begin to be processed and released. This can often signify a good healing response! This can also happen with herbs. In Chinese medicine we store a lot of emotion in the organs involved with digestion, as these organs begin to revert back to balance they can release any emotion that may have been creating an imbalance. Our dreams are a key place where we process emotions and life events, so an increase in vivid dreams while taking Digestive Herbs is quite common! If you feel inclined you can play an active role in this process by asking yourself a question you would like answered before you go to sleep or think about something in your life you would like resolved as you fall asleep. Often the answers will come in your dreams. In the morning write down what you remember from your dream and see what you find”.

Yours in slumber,
Your Tea
Traditional Chinese Modalities

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Digestive Herbs Tea (Tiny Tea)

Digestive Herbs Tea (Tiny Tea)

Our core blend Digestive Herbs was specifically developed to aid in the gentle restoration of a depleted digestive system. Ideal for systems prone to bloat, discomfort, unpredictability and general dysfunction. The Chinese herbs are designed to warm, nourish and repair the system naturally, so that it may perform its intended role of digestion.


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