The Importance of Walking in Nature Everyday

Chinese medicine is the medicine of nature. Nature thrives on symbiotic relationships….

Chinese medicine is the medicine of nature. Nature thrives on symbiotic relationships. By getting out of our own way and harmonizing with nature we can find balance to the natural world and our health.

Simply walking 20 minutes a day or until our feet feel warm is health practice we can all benefit from. Walking in nature and the benefits it provides us is our birthright. Birds are meant to fly and fish are meant to swim, and people are designed to walk in nature.

Walking in nature is a great way to circulate Qi, lymph and Blood. It also strengthens digestion.

Walking out in nature allows us to breathe in immune-enhancing volatile oils diffused by the trees. Seeing complex structures of nature visually rewires our neural chemistry putting us into a parasympathetic state and coming into contact with the earth lowers systemic inflammation and improves injury recovery.

So how does this work?

Walking encourages the smooth flow of Qi and helps to move stagnant Qi in the body. This can improve symptoms such as irritability, sighing, fatigue and the feeling of being stuck or helpless, all common signs that the Qi is stagnant.

Walking stimulates the Stomach Qi, by activating the Stomach channel which is located along the thigh and shins. Each step is charging your digestive system and when you stop all that energy dives into the digestive organs to absorb your food and nourishing Your Tea herbs. 

Movement is vitally important for the absorption of nutrients and for people with chronic health issues.

A great reason to get out regardless if its cold or hot outside is hormesis (how your body responds to stress). Being outside and exposed to the elements improves your health.

Exposure to a hot day on your walk will provide your body with heat shock proteins that lower inflammation, increase circulation, increase weight loss and increase muscle gain. You are boosting all the Yang aspects of your body.

If you head out into the cold you boost your cold shock proteins, which stimulates your immune system (Wei Qi – defensive energy) and increases your white blood cell count.

The trees are our original essential oil diffusers, walking through the forest we breath volatile oils that strengthen our lungs and Wei Qi which bolsters our immune system.

If you’re lucky enough to build up a bit of sweat, you have the opportunity to vent out heat or toxins in your system, as well as dampness.

Walking is what we are designed to do, and a lot of diseases are at risk from the lack of movement.

Written by TCM Dr. Lee Smith (@lee_smith_natural_soul)

Yours in mobility,
Your Tea

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