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Next time you need to keep focused at work and boost your concentration, reach for one of our seven teas blended for your mind.

Getting focused and staying focused isn’t always easy. In fact, sometimes it feels impossible. There’s a reason we can’t keep focused, and that we hit the afternoon slump at 3:00 pm. It’s about the amount of information we process on a daily basis and the number of technologies that grab our attention. Your attention is a limited resource so it’s vital to figure out what you can do to stay on track. That’s why, at Your Tea, we’ve created teas to enliven your mind, give you energy, and keep you focused.

Happy Tea

Our Happy Tea isn’t just about boosting your mood. It also contains ingredients to help relieve your stress and anxiety—two things that can hurt your focus. When you’re overly stressed about life and what you have to do next, you can easily get lost in the here and now. A cup of Happy Tea, and its ingredients like lemon, black tea, and Barbary Wolfberry fruit, clear your mind and keep you on track.

Hangover Tea

Okay, if you’ve ever woken up the morning after a party, you know that a hangover is the worst thing possible for your focus. When you have a pounding headache and a fuzzy, sleep-deprived mind, you can’t keep focused or stay on top of your work. That’s where our Hangover Tea comes in. It balances your body and alleviates your headache so you can keep your mind on work, and not on how awful you feel.

Sleep Tea

You didn’t think that concentration started in the morning did you? No. The ability to keep focused starts the night before with a good night’s sleep. Our Sleep Tea helps to alleviate your anxiety and stress at night so that you can sleep better. In addition, Sleep Tea is packed with lavender, jujube, and rose to calm and relax your mind. The truth is that if you don’t shut off your mind, it won’t work as well as it should. So, a good night’s sleep is vital to your concentration the next day.

Energy Tea

When it comes to keeping you focused day-in and day-out, none of our teas are better than Energy Tea. It’s specially formulated to increase your energy levels and to continue to support your energy. On top of that, our Energy Tea is all about assisting your concentration levels without using artificial stimulants. It works by using ingredients like ginseng flowers, tangerine peel, and du zhong, to clear your mind and keep your brain running as fast as it needs.

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