Q&A with our TCM Doctors. Kimberley Peters.

Here at Your Tea, we’re lucky enough to work with many talented…

Here at Your Tea, we’re lucky enough to work with many talented and highly qualified Chinese Medicine practitioners. If you’ve ever listened to one of our podcasts read one of our blog posts or watched a video of ours, then these names may be quite familiar to you.

These interviews are a chance to get to know our Chinese Medicine practitioners better. We’ve asked them a series of our favourite questions; personal, fun and insightful!

Name: Kimberley Peters

TCM area of specialty: Fertility and Reproductive Health (currently a Student Practitioner).

1. Your star sign: Scorpio to a tee ;)

2. Most fascinating fact about the body: The chances of being born are 1 in 400 trillion! Being here and being ALIVE right now means that we have literally beaten all odds to be conceived and arrive Earthside safely. Life is truly precious simply being alive is something to cherish and celebrate daily.

3. 2 foods to avoid for bloat: Cold/ice drinking water and alcohol.

4. Never accept the following ailment: Being given the diagnosis of “unexplained infertility”. There is always a reason for fertility challenges… your health team just has to work harder to find the root cause rather than give you the rather lazy label of “unexplained infertility”. Dig deeper.

5. Favourite acupuncture point and why. REN 4 on the Conception Vessel channel. This point warms the womb (it feels amazinggg to moxa this point), enhance fertility, benefits the entire lower jiao (energy centre) and nourishes the Kidney, which holds all of our potent life force (Jing Essence). I don’t I have treated one patient in student clinic without using this point!

6. Favourite form of energy healing? Womb Medicine and Massage, Kinesiology and those mighty acupuncture needles access deeeep levels of energy which have potent effects.

7. 3 chinese herbs you can’t live without: Ai Ye – this is mugwort and from the very first time I smelled it I was entranced. I love using it topically as a body oil, in tea, in Chinese Herbal medicinals, its the herb used in moxa treatment….. its simply the go-to herb for womb health and fertility. Dang Gui  – one of the best and brightest herbs for nourishing our blood. For fertility, healthy, nourished, tonified blood is an essential and not many do it better than Dang Gui. I love the smell of it! Rou Gui – the humble cinnamon bark. This is herbal kitchen medicine! It warms the body and facilitates great blood and Qi flow. I add it into anything from my cacao to my tea to my congee.

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