Potential side effects from Digestive Herbs (positive side effects, that is).

What to expect? How should my body react? What should I feel…

What to expect? How should my body react? What should I feel and why?

These are all relevant questions and when it comes to addressing the gut with our Digestive Herbs (formerly known as TinyTea), there are a few commonalities when it comes to symptoms.

It’s over to TCM Dr. Lauren Curtain to explain further;

“People can experience different responses when they initially start Digestive Herbs, this typically depends on the state of their digestion prior to starting the blend. If someone has a lot of damp in their system (due to weak digestive function), taking these herbs can help to clear out excess damp and accumulated waste and restore balance. Signs of damp leaving your body can be loose/sticky/mucusy stools or even some skin breakouts. The skin is one of our elimination pathways our body uses to clear out waste and damp. Use this time to tune into your body and pay attention to any changes you may notice. If you experience any side effects like mild nausea, bloating, irritability or bowel changes, it will typically subside after a short period of time. If for whatever reason you experience a severe reaction to any of the ingredients in Digestive Herbs like nausea, severe cramping or diarrhoea, please consult with your health care practitioner. Please note that frequent diarrhoea can alter the absorption and effectiveness of any medications you may be taking (even the oral contraceptive pill) so do not ignore persistent diarrhoea”.

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