How to Stay Energized at Work

Learn how to stay energized at work no matter how tired you feel.

Do you struggle to keep up your energy throughout the workday? Do you hit the afternoon slump at three and you’re ready for nap? We’ve all been there. It’s not easy to stay energized when you’re body keeps trying to shut down. If you’re struggling, we’ve got a few tips to keep you going.


  1. Listen to Music: Perk yourself up by listening to music. Music triggers our emotional response and can help us engage many different parts of our brains. The key is to choose upbeat music that energizes. Stay away from classical and choose rock or pop.
  2. Head Outside: Bright light, preferably natural daylight, is a great way to stay energized. It helps your body’s internal clock (its circadian rhythms), which can trick your body into feeling awake even when it’s tired.
  3. Chew Ice: It’s almost impossible to fall asleep while chewing ice. The cold temperature keeps your brain on your toes, even when you’re exhausted. In fact, chewing anything can help you stay awake.
  4. Splash Cold Water: Taking a quick break from your desk to splash some cold water on your face can help you stay energized throughout the afternoon. If you don’t want to mess up your makeup, then try pointing a small fan at your face instead.
  5. Drink Energy Tea: Our Energy Tea is made with just the right combination of herbs to help you stay energized no matter how the work day is going. Brew a cup after lunch to avoid the afternoon slump.
  6. Stretch It Out: Even if you don’t want to take a break for a full workout, take a few minutes to stretch. Complete some shoulder shrugs and move your neck around. A little bit of movement can go a long way.
  7. Eat a Snack: Sometimes we get tired because our body needs fuel. When you hit your afternoon slump, reach for a healthy protein-filled snack.
  8. Play a Game: The Internet is full of interesting and fun websites with a variety of games to play. Pick a word game, puzzle, or anything that sounds interesting and spend about 15-20 minutes playing to help awaken your mind.
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