Change for good.

Born in 2013 and growing with the world in 2020. We are…

Born in 2013 and growing with the world in 2020.

We are humbled to release our new environmentally friendly packaging in a time where it is not only wanted, but also needed. 

We also considered the way in which you consumed our product – so this also played a part in our decision to make these significant packaging changes. Let’s break it down so that you know the reasons behind our major aesthetic overhaul.

The tin.

An easily reconstituted material, the new tin solves a few problems we’ve encountered since 2013.

Previously our boxes were prone to being damaged during the post (sometimes entirely squashed in transit?!) – which at times compromised the teabags inside. The tin can’t be damaged in transit and more importantly, it can be used again.

Note that the stickers on the tin may be peeled off so that they may be reused for any other purpose, free of our branding (think food storage/coffee storage/make up… get creative!).

The inner biodegradable “refill” paper bag.

Required to ensure your teabags remain fresh, this bag is fully biodegradable (sealed using heat).

These ‘refill’ biodegradable bags will be available in early 2021 to purchase singularly (sans tin).

We know that many of you are loyal to a particular blend/s, therefore the ‘refill’ only option will serve both you and the environment.

Please dispose of accordingly.

Teabag material.

We are now utilising GMO free, biodegradable teabag material made of corn.

This means that the teabags won’t rip or tear due to enhanced strength.

Since we’ve increased the size of the teabags, it also means that there is more space for the herbs to steep; allowing a stronger brew.

Finally, we discontinued the outer teabags wrappers given that they were an extra piece of waste that we could all do without.

Mini tin.

While we took away the outer teabag wrappers, we wanted to give you a long lasting option to transport your teabags in. 

Place your daily teabags in the mini tin to transport your daily teabag needs.


Your Tea operates from multiple warehouses around the globe, meaning that we have variations of stock levels.

Hence we’ve launched the new packaging with a portion of the range. We will run out the current ‘cardboard box’ packaging and transition to the new packaging.

We please ask for your patience and understanding if you cannot purchase your favourite blend in the new packaging right now.

Often with packaging transitions, companies will simply dispose of stock in order to achieve aesthetic continuity.

This is not in our ethos.

Therefore some boxes will remain until totally sold out – then we will transition to tins.

Your Tea brings you a range of natural tea blends that are rich in flavour and love. Each tea explains when you should consume them and why. To purchase or read more visit

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