Virgo, The Virgin

The Virgo sign is described as one who is a perfectionist, a little shy and altruistic.


(August 22 — September 23)


The Virgo Person: affectionate, vulnerable, kind-hearted, sensual, committed, intuitive, altruistic, overwrought and temperamental.

Physical Association: abdomen, stomach ulcers & aches, IBS, constipation, weight struggles (over or under), intestines.

The Virgo sign is described as one who is a perfectionist, a little shy and altruistic.

Ivy Roses explains: ‘Virgos are often driven to improve things, and many of them pursue service-focussed careers in areas such as health, teaching, industrial relations, environmental protection, social work, and similar fields. They may be especially responsive to the needs of others, and adaptable enough to work well with many different people and changing circumstances.
Virgos like to take an analytical approach to life. Communication is important to them and many Virgos are highly talkative. They also enjoy books, magazines, and writing. Virgos tend to be perfectionists and attempt to improve everything and everyone. Their analytical ability makes them excellent critics of the talent and performance of those more skilled than themselves.

Partly because of their health-conciousness, virgos often work to stay physically fit. They enjoy many sports but are not necessarily personally competitive. Instead they try to perfect their own skills’.

Thanks to Kaypacha for supplying reference material.

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