Your star signs can explain more about your physical and emotional ailments than you realise. They can also allude to your physical and emotional predispositions.

Your Tea and the 12 Zodiac signs.

Granted, you must be wondering; ‘why is a tea company rambling on about star signs?’.

In a nutshell, your star signs can explain more about your physical and emotional ailments than you realise. They can also allude to your physical and emotional predispositions.

As you’ll know, you were born into a star sign, there are 12 in total and each is said to dictate various tendencies and characteristics.

We won’t disagree that newspaper star signs are ‘oh so generic’. Why? Star signs are ever changing and evolving on a daily basis because they’re based on the sun, the moon and other astrological activity.

Still with us? While we agree that the weekly newspaper horoscopes are enough to turn a believer into a sceptic, let us dig a little deeper and explain just why astrology and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) go hand in hand.

“TCM is based on the holographic paradigm, in that all parts contain the whole.  In short, each human body is a miniature universe.  The 12 meridians of TCM were thought to match the constellations, with 365 points equaling days in the year. The qi was believed to mirror the Sun’s annual journey through the Ecliptic–meaning its apparent path on the celestial sphere–and to circulate in a network of 12 primary jing luo (經络) known in English as the meridians.”

Picture this; you eat well, exercise well, and treat your body well…but you just can’t shake that sensitive/sore stomach. Maybe IBS, certainly discomfort, most likely some swelling/fluid and probably some lethargy.

Are you Cancerian? If so, you’re ruled by your stomach and the meridian that dictates this. Meaning, regardless of all the work you do to maintain a settled stomach, when your emotions or the environment get the better of you, the result will always be a sore belly.

If we can begin to understand the physical attributions in relation to our star sign, we can start to focus on healing and treating these areas; and learn how Chinese Medicine teas can work to bring the body back to physical and mental balance via the meridians.

In addition, if you are born on a cusp i.e.; July 23rd (cusp of Cancer and Leo) you must take a look at both star signs, their ailments and predispositions. A cusp sign means you’re a ‘bit of both’ in the most laymen of terms.

Stay tuned (pun intended), because we’re going to be intertwining astrology into Your Tea in a big way. With the sole intention of helping you navigate your mind, body and soul on a new, intricate level. Wisdom for today.

Discover the link between TCM and your star sign now…or your partner’s.


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