Foods that aggravate acne.

Because the health of your skin is made from within.

Written by a TCM Practitioner and Fertility Expert.

“There are some specific guidelines that all people with skin irritations (or really just in general) that help pave the way to healthy glowing skin.

It is important to understand why these patterns may develop in the first place.

Heat may show up in hot weather or when there is too much stress and load on the body. It may also come down to the constitution of the person as well as the kind of diet they follow. It is important for people with heat to be mindful of overwork, excess alcohol consumption as well as too much sugar.

Damp may be more prevalent in people who eat a lot of damp types of foods like DIARY or GREASY FOODS. People who live in damp climates or musty houses may also be more prone to damp related conditions too.

Any foods that cause damp to develop or too much heat should generally be avoided. These may also include;

FRIED and GREASY FOODS – think fast foods and rich meals.

REFINED SUGAR – it’s inflammatory, it will flare up the gut, mess with digestion and contribute to skin problems.

SPICY FOOD – think heat! Disastrous for people with hot type skin issues. MARGARINE (butter is ok) or hydrogen- ated fats/vegetable oils

BANANAS specifically – too much fruit especially in the winter months will worsen the condition.

Equally, acne may be aggravated by;

+ DAIRY (excluding natural, non sweetened full fat yoghurt which is loaded with good probiotics to help support healthy gut function) especially for those with weak digestive systems and too much damp/phlegm present.
for those with sluggish digestion and sluggish liver. Gluten is super inflammatory and clogs up the digestive system.
due to the toxins from farming. Always opt for organic meat and chicken and keep meat which can be inflammatory on the gut to 1 serve per 1-2 weeks whilst treating acne. This is appropriate for those with sluggish livers and those that see a lot of hot, red and painful acne.
full of both sugar and dairy. Will absolutely create a more damp for all kinds of acne.
disrupts your liver’s ability to cleanse and leads to toxins being dumped.

Yours in glowing skin.
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