Over the years, we have had tens of thousands of customers ask…

Over the years, we have had tens of thousands of customers ask us this same question; “Do the Digestive Herbs (formerly TinyTea) help with PMS?”. And they go on to explain how the herbs have reduced their PMS symptoms. From cramping to mood swings, to fluid retention to breakouts. Indeed, aiding PMS isn’t something we talk about often in relation to Digestive Herbs. But why? Because Digestive Herbs are able to assist and address many other random ailments in the body, as a side effect of addressing gut health. So PMS is just another issue that these herbs tend to address while they whip the body in order. It just goes to show how many other issues in the body are mitigated when we address the root of the core issue from a TCM perspective.

For all of you asking the nitty-gritty on how these herbs do aid PMS intricately, we’ve asked TCM Dr. Lauren Curtain to break it down in Chinese Medicine talk for you all.

“Our hormonal balance has a direct correlation to the state of our digestive health. In particular, the Spleen and Liver organ systems play a vital role in hormone metabolism and balance. The Spleen helps our body to extract the nutrients and Qi we require to maintain hormonal balance and helps our body to create the blood we will eventually release with our period. The Liver is in charge of processing our hormones and emotions, if the Liver Qi isn’t flowing as smoothly as it should be, it can result in a build-up of excess hormones and emotions resulting in PMS. Experiencing signs and symptoms around your menstrual cycle such as period pain, irregular cycles, skin breakouts, fluid retention/bloating, headaches, bowel changes & breast tenderness etc, is a key sign from your body to start supporting your digestive system. Our Digestive Herbal blend contains herbs that help to support the functioning of our Spleen and Liver organ systems to help restore and regain hormonal balance and decrease PMS symptoms”.

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Digestive Herbs Tea (Tiny Tea)

Digestive Herbs Tea (Tiny Tea)

Our core blend Digestive Herbs was specifically developed to aid in the gentle restoration of a depleted digestive system. Ideal for systems prone to bloat, discomfort, unpredictability and general dysfunction. The Chinese herbs are designed to warm, nourish and repair the system naturally, so that it may perform its intended role of digestion.


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