Questions and Answers About Fertility Tea

We’ve received quite a few questions about our Fertility Tea, and now we have the answers you want and need most.

We regularly get questions about our Fertility Tea, and we thought we’d take the time to answer a few. Let us know if you have any additional questions about our Fertility Tea so we can get you the answers you need and want most.

I’m breastfeeding. Is Fertility Tea right for me?

Yes! Fertility Tea is fantastic for breastfeeding mothers. It contains dandelion root, which can help clear stagnation in the breasts. Stagnation causes mastitis and breast tenderness, which can cause pain during breastfeeding.

We also recommend our Breastfriend Tea. Breastfriend Tea was designed specifically for breastfeeding mothers. It helps to increase quality breast milk and supports you after pregnancy.

What kind of side effect/s can you experience by using Fertility Tea?

Our Fertility Tea is very gentle on your body. It has been beautifully blended to work in sync with your body and not against it. However, just like with anything, every body responds differently to different ingredients. In most cases, our Fertility Tea should be safe to consume, but if you have pre-existing, medically diagnosed health issues including high blood pressure, renal problems, or diabetes, you might want to consult your doctor. You should also talk to your doctor if you are taking other medications, are pregnant, or have been diagnosed with a serious illness. Your doctor knows your health best, so make sure you consult him/her before you begin any regime.

Do you have a tea that helps with (uterine) fibroids? Does the Fertility Tea help shrink fibroids?

Unfortunately, no. We haven’t designed Fertility Tea to specifically work with uterine fibroids. You may experience some decrease as the tea goes to work on your hormones, creating a more balanced you, but it’s not guaranteed.

Can men take the Fertility Tea as well? Will it be as effective as it is for women?

Our Fertility Tea is specially designed to work with women’s bodies. The ingredients in our tea work on women’s hormones to naturally and safely support them. While a man could drink Fertility Tea, it is not a drink made to help men. Instead, men can check out our Man Tea or any of our other blends that have been made for both sexes.

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