New Mama. Overwhelmed. Under-slept. “If you’re a new mother thrown into the…

New Mama. Overwhelmed. Under-slept.

“If you’re a new mother thrown into the ‘feeding’ game, you’re probably feeling completely overwhelmed at the thought of your (long) journey ahead. It can seem daunting on a good day. Feeds are so regular that they can be laborious and time-consuming. Often our body hasn’t quite kicked into gear after birth to produce enough milk, nor the best quality supply at that.

The good news is – it doesn’t have to be this way forever. It does get easier and eventually breastfeeding can become second nature, like breathing and sleeping.

If you’re a Your Tea junkie, you’ll most likely already know that from a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, breast milk is an extension of Blood and Qi and requires an abundance of yin (our cooling, moistening body fluids – which originates from blood). Sometimes our body is so heavily depleted after pregnancy and birth that it tries to protect itself and signals to that body that it can’t spare any extra blood for milk as it needs every last drop to recover and keep functioning. If we are already constitutionally weak before pregnancy and childbirth, then breastfeeding may just be that little bit harder. 

However, if breastfeeding is what you want for your child, then help is here; Breastfriend Tea is the blend to extend a helping hand. This gentle, warming and calming blend has adaptogenic herbs in it so it won’t over or under stimulate you. Clever, huh? Breastfriend herbs will give you the boost you need to support the quality, and quantity of your breast milk.

I also highly recommend acupuncture to accompany your herbs if you want to help boost the quality and quantity of your breastmilk. Acupuncture will also help to nourish and replenish your body during the postnatal period – a vital time to look after yourself!”

Written by our TCM Doctor Carla Brion.

Yours in wellness,
Your Tea
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Breastfriend Tea

Breastfriend Tea

Our Breastfriend Tea features many ‘apoptogenic’ herbs; meaning that the body won’t become over or under stimulated by the ingredients.

The herbs aim to support Mum post-partum to regain digestive integrity and address overall fatigue/exhaustion post birth. This blend contains several ingredients to help continually replenish the body during the time of breastfeeding.


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