Hot flushes may now leave. Promptly. Our Menopause Herbs blend was carefully…

Hot flushes may now leave. Promptly.

Our Menopause Herbs blend was carefully crafted by our TCM practitioners, with love, care and hot flushes in mind.

So let’s get some qualified words on how our herbs are designed to work in the body.

Words from TCM Dr. Peter Haxell:

Menopause Herbs were formulated with a two-fold purpose in mind: to help regulate and balance hormone levels whilst they reduce gradually as part of menopause. Furthermore, with the aim to strengthen and support the digestive system.

A note to remember; the gut is the foundation of our health and by absorbing all the nutrients and minerals that we need from our food, its ability to stabilise hormones is greatly improved.

This is also achieved by strengthening other organs of the body that are critical in hormone regulation, leading to a reduction in menopause symptoms.  

Let’s talk ingredients in Menopause Herbs.

Angelica Sinensis as it is known, is one of the most commonly used herbs in TCM for symptoms that stem from hormonal or gynecological deficiencies. In western analysis, angelica has been shown to have an “oestrogenic” effect – it does not cause the production of oestrogen, but mimics its effect on certain cells that typically respond to oestrogen levels. Making it an effective and safe way of managing menopausal symptoms such as night sweats, irregular moods and hot flushes.  

The blend also contains Camellia Sinensis, which also plays a role in balancing hormone levels, as well as stimulating the liver to detoxify the body as a whole. This works synergistically with Angelica Sinensis which has a similar effect on purifying the blood, and liver. The rest of the blend is made up of ingredients packed full of antioxidants to combat the effects that stress and abnormal hormone levels have had on the body, to give you a complete and holistic tune-up”.

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Menopause Herbs

Menopause Herbs

Our Menopause Herbs blend is designed to bring balance to a stage where the body naturally, becomes imbalanced. The primary feature of this blend is that the herbs aim to ground floating yang in the body; this is where we see issues like hot flushes, irritability, night sweats and a hot, cranky digestive system. This ingredients in this blend are traditionally known to support changes in libido, skin breakouts, weight change and fatigue.


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