Herbs or drugs for menopause?

The great menopausal debate. Herbs or drugs for the treatment of menopausal…

The great menopausal debate.

Herbs or drugs for the treatment of menopausal symptoms?

We’re guessing that since you’re reading this, you’re rather intruiged by how herbs could possibly play a role. Let’s delve deeper, with words by TCM Dr. Carla Brion;

“As a first point of treatment, women are usually prescribed pharmaceutical HRT (hormone replacement therapy) which often doesn’t suit their inherent constitution. Western drugs are too ‘Yang’ and warming in energy, causing further depletion of Yin. Moreover, western drugs are not without their side effects so HRT can be ineffective for a lot of individuals.

The reason Chinese herbs can be so effective for menopause is because it aims to address the root of the imbalance – which as we discussed – causes the body to spit out a host of difficult symptoms.

We developed our menopause blend specifically to help women regain control – because as mentioned, TCM really does have an effective and sensible approach to this stage of life

Our Menopause Herbal blend gently and subtly restores balance, nourishes deficiency and reduces excess, as well as calming the mind and supporting the ‘shen’ (the spirit)”.

The reason why we created our Menopause Herbs is probably now clear to see. We explain further with words from TCM Dr. Peter Haxell:

Menopause Herbs were formulated with a two-fold purpose in mind: to help regulate and balance hormone levels whilst they reduce gradually as part of menopause. Furthermore, with the aim to strengthen and support the digestive system.

A note to remember; the gut is the foundation of our health and by absorbing all the nutrients and minerals that we need from our food, its ability to stabilise hormones is greatly improved.

This is also achieved by strengthening other organs of the body that are critical in hormone regulation, leading to a reduction in menopause symptoms”.

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