One of the most commonly asked questions here at Your Tea. Whilst…

One of the most commonly asked questions here at Your Tea.

Whilst TCM Dr. Lauren Curtain iterates in her words below – we will reiterate that this is the domain of your Obstetrician first and foremost. Hence if you wish, please discuss the herbs with them first out of courtesy.

IVF treatment is a precarious time for many and we want to ensure all dialogue is open and clear.

Words by TCM Dr. Lauren Curtain below;

“Fertility Tea contains wonderfully supportive herbs for hormonal regulation and fertility. All around the world, and especially in China, Chinese herbal medicine is used in conjunction with IVF to help support the body during this whole process. However, whilst Fertility Tea is a gentle yet effective, it is always best to seek advice from a practitioner you are working with on your IVF journey to ensure the herbs contained in Fertility Tea are compatible with your specific IVF medication protocol, as every protocol can vary in types of medications used and dosage.

An ideal way to prepare for your IVF cycle is to take Fertility Tea for the 3 menstrual cycles before beginning IVF to help support your hormonal balance ahead of time. Then either cease Fertility Tea once you commence your IVF cycle, or continue if appropriate. When in doubt and when dealing with medications, it is best to seek specific advice from the practitioners you are closely working with that understand your health history and IVF protocol in depth.

Another common question asked by women wanting to convince is; “But there is Green Tea in Fertility Tea – does it affect you when other herbs are involved?”

We hear a lot about avoiding caffeine when trying to conceive. Caffeine can have negative impacts on the Kidney organ system (which holds the basis for reproduction), egg quality and hormonal balance, but like anything else we consume, the dose and form it comes in matters. Guzzling soft drinks, energy drinks and multiple coffees per day are definitely not creating the optimal environment and foundation for optimal fertility and pregnancy, as this would amount to excessive amounts of caffeine and take its toll.

The caffeine in green tea, on the other hand, is quite different from the caffeine found in other sources such as energy drinks, certain soft drinks, and coffee. Firstly, it contains a much lower amount of caffeine per gram. Also, green tea contains a compound called L- Theanine, which helps to slow down the caffeine release. Rather than experiencing the stimulating effect of caffeine, the L-Theanine has a calming effect on the nervous system.

In addition to this, the Fertility Tea blend doesn’t just contain green tea, it also contains three other beautiful herbs that work synergistically together to create a calming experience and relaxed nervous system. We hear all the time from our wonderful customers experiencing a sense of calm and less stress when they begin their Fertility Tea journey!

If you are concerned about caffeine intake, sensitive to caffeine or trying to reduce your intake whilst trying to conceive, brew your Fertility Tea herbs with simmering water rather than boiling, and avoid leaving your tea bag to steep for too long, aim for 30 seconds to 2 minutes to reduce the amount of caffeine in your brew”

Yours in formalities,

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Fertility Herbs Tea

Fertility Herbs Tea

Our Fertility Herbs Tea was specifically developed to support and address imbalances of the female reproductive system. Imbalances such as PMS, PCOS, irregular cycles, hormonal skin and mood fluctuations included. Fertility Herbs Tea is ideal for all women experiencing a range of issues, given that the word ‘fertile’ from a TMC perspective refers to being ‘free of imbalance’ – this blend is not designated just to women wishing to conceive.



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