Fertility Tea and How it Works

Fertility Tea and why it’s perfect for all women.

Meet our ‘Fertility Tea!’ Before you tune out because you’re sooo not ready for babies – stop. This tea may be exactly what you are looking for. You see, for me as a natural fertility specialist, fertility isn’t limited to babies. Being fertile is much like fertile soil. It needs to be nurtured and nourished and well cared for and then, when the time is right any seed planted will grow and flourish because the soil was all kinds of nourished. Your body is no different and I’m proud as punch to say I created this blend with Your Tea to help women become a healthier, fertility improved and hormonally happy version of themselves.

Perhaps you’re wondering just how fertility isn’t just about babies. Today I want to help you to understand that your hormones require a certain level of care. This extends from the minute we are born right throughout our long lives. Hormones are the master controllers of our bodies. When they are happily working, our bodies will reflect this and when they are in disarray, we may see conditions like fertility issues, Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Thyroid dysfunction or even Pre Menstrual Syndrome or painful periods arise. These are just symptoms. They are your bodies own way of telling you something isn’t right. So it’s easy now to understand that fertility tea can’t possibly be limited to only assisting women in reproductive health – it’s all about maximizing digestion and increasing blood flow to our reproductive organs to work better all round.

This special blend of herbal ingredients found in our Fertility Tea go to work on the reproductive system. Specific ingredients in this formula contain powerful antioxidants that promote fertility as it helps to ‘clean up’ the body and any damage that our lifestyles may pose. Stress, poor nutrition and busy lifestyles lead to disruption right down to the cellular level – antioxidants are like a spring clean on the inside. These herbs also contain specific minerals that are key to hormone health. Another great herb we’ve included aids to tone up the reproductive organs. So where stress, the weight of PCOS or Endometriosis have taken their toll, this tea helps to get things back in working order ‘down there.’ My most favorite ingredient is Camellia Sinesis which helps to balance out oestrogen, the most important of the female hormones and one that is often upset in issues like PCOS or thyroid imbalance. Dandelion root amongst other herbs found in this blend is a fabulous ingredient which not only helps to cleanse the body (so vital in overall wellness) but also it benefits the liver, which also assists in balancing hormone levels.

Of course, if you are ready for the baby making, then this tea is absolutely an asset to your reproductive health. It’s certainly the one time in your life that you may find yourself really dedicated to wellness – because after all, your child is a direct genetic imprint of you! This tea will help to boost your reproductive function as it also encourages blood and energy flow to your reproductive organs.

This formula has been intricately designed to fit in with the core focus of all Your Tea formulas in that it will also boost digestive function. Since the gut is the pivot of wellness, fertility begins in the gut. You see, if your body can’t readily absorb essential vitamins and minerals from your food, it can’t adequately fuel the rest of your body. Baring this in mind in its creation, fertility tea’s ingredients can’t be utilised unless we support digestion too and so specific ingredients are also present to support digestion.

And finally, a word on hormones. Perhaps you’re one of those people who have tried everything and never really felt comfortable in your own skin. Hormones also control our weight, and weight, especially for women with PCOS can be a big issue and real health concern. Balanced hormones will also lead to weight loss too. This is because as our body is in a bid to protect itself from high hormone levels, will trap the toxic matter in our fat stores – but more over, our fat stores actually will secrete hormones that continue to make us gain weight! Fertility Tea has taken all this into consideration and is really every girls best friend!

So now you can see, fertility definitively isn’t only about babies but rather it’s simply about you being as healthy as possible from top to toe. If you’ve found yourself facing hormone challenges, diet and lifestyle are key to shifting these issues. Infertility or PCOS, whatever your faced with are absolutely treatable with the right tools and understanding. Incorporating Fertility Tea into your daily routine is one step in the direction of better hormonal health.

Written by TCM Doctor Nat Kringoudis.
Photo via @themamaplaybook

Fertility Herbs Tea

Fertility Herbs Tea

Our Fertility Herbs Tea was specifically developed to support and address imbalances of the female reproductive system. Imbalances such as PMS, PCOS, irregular cycles, hormonal skin and mood fluctuations included. Fertility Herbs Tea is ideal for all women experiencing a range of issues, given that the word ‘fertile’ from a TMC perspective refers to being ‘free of imbalance’ – this blend is not designated just to women wishing to conceive.


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