Fake periods on the pill.

TCM Dr. Daria Sheptiskaya (@tranquiliqi) talks to us about a common myth;…

TCM Dr. Daria Sheptiskaya (@tranquiliqi) talks to us about a common myth; periods on the pill.

The contraceptive pill/Implanon/mini pill – one of the trillion variations of; there is one common theme we would like to chat about today with TCM Dr. Daria; pill periods. There is a common misconception that a woman’s bleed whilst on the pill, is the same as a bleed if a woman is not on the pill. Let’s set the record straight immediately – they’re not the same ‘bleed’. Essentially, a bleed whilst on the pill is fake. It’s not a real bleed as perpetuated by the reproductive system. The reason we would like to chat about this topic in further, is because a common statement we hear from women is, “but my periods on the pill were normal and pain-free”. Generally, we hear this from women who have come off the pill and are experiencing other irregular, heavy or painful ‘real’ periods. Going off the pill, for many women, will cause alarm, dismay or surprise at how their cycles are truly operating. If you’ve gone off the pill and have found that your cycles are problematic – this is not a negative finding. In fact, your body showing your signs and symptoms is your key to get investigating and thus your chance to find solutions. Going back on or remaining on the pill to ‘normalise’ a period, only disguises deeper issues/imbalances. Hence we had it over to TCM Dr. Daria to explain this concept in further qualified detail.

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