Bloated. Sluggish digestion. Tired… “If you’re not familiar with how the digestive…

Bloated. Sluggish digestion. Tired…

“If you’re not familiar with how the digestive system works in Traditional Chinese Medicine, think back to your high school science class and those rusty old bunsen burners you used. Your stomach and spleen are like a cooking pot that needs the digestive fire (just like the bunsen burner) to keep them transforming and transporting Qi (our vital energy) throughout the body. You need your digestive fire to warm up your spleen, otherwise it becomes sluggish and Qi doesn’t move.

This can eventually cause ‘dampness’ – which is referred to as congealed energy that has become stagnant. If you have dampness, this affects not only energy and digestion (and thus gut health), but also fertility and hormones. Everything relies on the spleen!  The spleen takes food, water, oxygen and transforms it into energy and waste, and then transports it all over the body. The reproductive organs rely heavily on a well functioning spleen to thrive and keep hormones balanced. The spleen also produces blood and helps move your blood, so if your spleen is compromised, then having a good supply of breastmilk can become difficult, as can the quality and flow.

If you’re a mother with irregular bowel movements, bloating and food sensitivities or if you had IBS pre-baby, then Digestive Herbs will be your BFF for breastfeeding. These herbs were carefully created to support and strengthen gut health as well as nourish blood which in turn, helps to increase and strengthen breastmilk supply and quality. This beautiful blend tonifies and restores the spleen so it can continue to be the powerhouse of energy and blood production your body needs.

Remember – if you’re not feeling nourished, it will be harder to nourish your little one”.

Written by our TCM Doctor Carla Brion.

Yours in wellness,
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