Why our Digestive Herbs formula is unique.

TCM requires a very intricate balancing of herbs. Yin and Yang. Every…

TCM requires a very intricate balancing of herbs. Yin and Yang.

Every single blend in our range has been developed by a qualified TCM practitioner, to harness that yin and yang.

This is why our blend are not to be combined, but more importantly, this is the reason why they are so effective – balance.

The way our herbs are picked, cut, dried and mixed also plays a major role in their efficacy. So could one simply go and grab our herbs from a herbalist and whack them together for the same benefits? Absolutely not. Ratio is also key.

We let TCM Dr. Lauren explain further and importantly, why our Digestive Herbs (formerly TinyTea) are so effective..

“In Chinese medicine, herbs are almost always given in a balanced combination with other herbs. Single herbs are rarely used alone. So much emphasis is placed on the balance and synergy of formulas and herbal blends. When we use a group of herbs together, we are able to target multiple things at once to provide the body a balanced therapeutic effect. This is why all our teas are a collection of herbs rather than a single herb. In Digestive Herbs, we have herbs such as Shan Zha and Shen Qu that are focused on clearing dampness and waste accumulations, Jue Ming Zi helps to clear heat/inflammation in the digestive system and Ze Xie helps to promote urination to clear out the excess metabolised fluids and dampness. Using certain herbs in combination help to create a synergistic effect that is not otherwise achieved when just using single herbs”

Yours in balance,
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Digestive Herbs Tea (Tiny Tea)

Digestive Herbs Tea (Tiny Tea)

Our core blend Digestive Herbs was specifically developed to aid in the gentle restoration of a depleted digestive system. Ideal for systems prone to bloat, discomfort, unpredictability and general dysfunction. The Chinese herbs are designed to warm, nourish and repair the system naturally, so that it may perform its intended role of digestion.


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