How Your Digestive System & Cardiovascular System Support Your Libido

Sexual Health is a very complicated subject that we experience physically, mentally…

Sexual Health is a very complicated subject that we experience physically, mentally and emotionally. Physically speaking, our sexual health is dramatically impacted by our nutritional intake and exercise habits. If you are experiencing symptoms of low libido, mood, energy, anxiety, worry, stress or digestive issues, your sexual health may be impacted. Two body systems that play an important role in our sexual health are our digestive system and cardiovascular system.

To improve our sexual vitality, we want to focus on improving digestion and increasing circulation through proper diet, sleep and exercise habits.

The digestive system is a series of organs that converts food into essential nutrients that are absorbed into the body and eliminates unused waste material. Digestion, just like sex, begins in the brain. When we see or even smell food, or even thinking about eating, the brain readies the digestive tract for nourishment. A healthy digestive system is essential to good health because if the digestive system shuts down, the body cannot be nourished or rid itself of waste. Nutrient deficiencies affect sexual health.

Exercise and stretching can also help to strengthen our digestive tract and promote blood flow to our organs. This is where our cardiovascular system comes into play! If we have poor circulation and blood flow, this can lead to stagnant energy within the body, which can heighten issues of low libido. Good blood flow to our sexual organs is vital for arousal, sexual stimulation and pleasure. So, what’s good for your heart is good for your sexual health! Physical fitness not only improves blood flow to the sexual organs but also boosts dopamine, elevates mood, and increases self-confidence.

Start your foreplay in the kitchen and at the gym well before you hit the bedroom by focusing on your digestive and cardiovascular health. You just might be pleasurably surprised with the results.

Written by Tara Mansler, Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

Tara Mansler is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist specializing in flexibility and nutrition. She is also a professional pole dance instructor and performer of over 10 years and a psychotherapist in training! Her goal in her practice is to make flexibility and nutrition accessible and inspiring with fun and nerdy twist. There are both internal and external factors that affect our flexibility. What you eat, your mood, your mindset, and even your levels of hydration will directly impact your training and ultimately your progress. As an instructor and nutritionist, Tara aims to help others discover how they can support their flexibility journey from the inside-out through healthier eating, reducing stress, feeling more energized and becoming a more balanced version of yourself.

You can get in touch with Tara on Instagram at @taramansler or on her website at

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