The secret to hormonal health.

It’s simpler than you think…

Written by a TCM Practitioner and a Fertility expert.

“It all starts with your gut – digestion is key!

If your gut health is strong, then you will be able to go on and absorb the nutrients from your food well and go on to make happy hormones.

Food is of the central point for almost all conditions, but we need to take it a step back. It’s not always what we eat, it’s how our bodies assimilate it.

It’s also important to know that 80% of the immune system relies on the gut functioning well. Our gut also shapes our ability to make decisions and governs our emotional health. The gut has been likened to the second brain. Ultimately, if the gut can’t work, we can’t make hormones or neurotransmitters, which are the messengers of the entire body – this is our ability to be ‘happy’ or emotionally balanced.

The pill, antibiotics, stress and poor diet and lifestyle have lead to a compromised gut. In fact, almost everything in the modern diet is actually ‘against’ our gut health. Our digestive system relies on specific beneficial bacteria being present to support overall assimilation and absorption and equally it also acts as a barrier between our gut wall and our food. When this lining is missing, it exposes our gut wall. The main problem here is that inflammatory foods like gluten and sugar are extremely abrasive on the gut and can, over time (when the lining is exposed due to lack of gut bacterial lining) damage this lining, causing little tears or rips in the actual wall. This then allows for undigested food to move outside of the digestive system into the body – and sends our body into a state of frenzy. This is what is known as leaky gut. If we experience leaky gut, undigested food escapes and we find ourselves experiencing nasty symptoms like depression, rapid weight gain, hormone imbalance, acne, candida, psoriasis, IBS… the list goes on and on.

Weight gain is one sure symptom that hormones need support. After all, if the gut can’t assimilate food properly, not only will our hormones be imbalanced BUT we will gain weight because our bodies send signals of cravings as it tries to gain nutrients.

Ladies, it’s time to pay attention to your gut.

Yours in health,
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