The famous Chinese Medicine proverb saying states; “DIG THE WELL BEFORE YOU…

The famous Chinese Medicine proverb saying states; “DIG THE WELL BEFORE YOU ARE THIRSTY”.

Meaning in no uncertain terms, that proactive health is often the antidote to reactive health. And we mean proactive health from the holistic perspective; mind, body, soul, and spirit.

Take the food we eat as a basic example.

If we are eating fried foods, packet foods loaded with preservatives, alcohol, diet coke loaded with chemicals and the occasional salad… our human body cannot process this. We are not made for these foods. So why then, are we surprised when we come up against digestive issues?

Let’s take emotions as another example.

When we stress, when we worry, when we are grieving – these emotions must all be processed. Not supressed.

Why then, do we become surprised when we seem to sit on a never ending emotional precipice – wailing at the drop of a hat?

Let’s take exercise for example.

Why do we sit hunched at desks, with little or no time to move; stress causing exhaustion to the point of being unable to exercise.

Yet we wonder why our bodies ache, our bones pop out of joint and we sleep poorly.

We are placed on this earth as human beings. This is a notion that TCM wholeheartedly acknowledges and is wound into their very fabric of existence.

Meaning that we are responsible for ourselves. For what we eat, the thoughts we think, the actions we take, the movements we make, the energetics we sit amongst.

Therefore being as PROACTIVE and responsible for your health as possible, allows REACTIVE health to be a notion needed when things are out of you control.

TCM is a brilliant modality and one that can be even stronger when it isn’t used in only a REACTIVE manner.

Feel free to peruse our website which is packed full of information and tips to incorporate positive proactive changes in your life. The best part being, these additions don’t cost a thing.

Yours in proactive health.
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