Thinking about trying our Liver Cleanse but not sure what to expect? We hand it over to TCM Dr. Lauren Curtain to explain further.


“In traditional times, people would eat locally, seasonally and their eating habits would fluctuate depending on what was happening in their external environment. People would naturally go through times of storing and accumulating nutrient dense foods, as well as lighter times of eating (typically in spring and summer). The fluctuating rhythm of nutrient intake would ebb and flow throughout the wheel of the year, allowing time for the organs to rest and repair.

In our modern world, we have forgotten this ancient principle, and are in ‘feasting’ mode all the time. Right now more than any other time in history, our bodies are experiencing a chemical load never seen before. The combination of plastics, alcohol, caffeine/stimulants, pharmaceuticals, endocrine disruptors in our body products, pesticides on our food, chemicals in the water, high sugar intake and highly processed foods mean our livers are in constant overdrive, overburdened trying to clear out waste faster than it’s coming in.

Doing a Liver Cleanse can be a wonderful way to create a pause in this endless loop and allow the liver to temporarily unburden itself so it has the space to focus on basic body processes, like clearing out excess hormones rather than plastics!

The liver’s primary role is detoxification. Everything that we breathe in, put on our skin or we ingest, will at some point be passed through the liver to be broken down and eliminated.

Going through the process of the Liver Cleanse takes a giant pause on things that can burden the liver like alcohol, coffee/stimulants, heavily processed foods and focuses on a whole foods approach supplying the body with the nutrients it needs in addition to the Liver Cleanse herbal formulations that specifically support liver health and aid in elimination, detoxification and rejuvenation.

So, what should you expect on your journey of your Liver Cleanse? You may notice changes in several different areas of the body as our liver health has such profound influence into the inner workings of our whole ecosystem.

Changes to digestion are very common as a lot of waste is now getting the chance to clear out. Bloating, mild nausea, tummy gurgles, flatulence and more frequent bowel movements in the initial stages is common. Experiencing softer/loose bowel movements can be expected as many of the herbs also have antimicrobial & antiparasitic properties. As the microbiome changes and adjusts during the cleanse, there may be a temporary change to bowel movements that will typically subside after a short period of time.

You may even notice some visitors in the toilet bowl! Due to the antiparasitic and antimicrobial nature of some of the herbs included in the Liver Cleanse formulations, you may notice things like worms or liver flukes pass with your stools if they have been hiding out in your gut.

Other changes you may experience as your body has a break from your regular diet can include tiredness/fatigue (especially if you have been using coffee/caffeine to boost your energy!), headaches, sugar cravings and emotional irritation. This is a very common response to when stimulants are removed and the diet changes to a whole foods approach. Foods that contain high amounts of sugar have a very real effect on the body and temporary withdrawals symptoms are an understandable process.

You may also notice a change in skin, some people will notice a clearing and improvement in their skin, however some may have a temporary skin purge as their system adjusts.

Ladies that are naturally cycling, it is likely you will notice a change with your menstrual cycles as the liver plays such an enormous role in our hormonal balance and regulation. You may observe a change in when you ovulate in your cycle, if you typically ovulate late in your cycle or have long menstrual cycles you may notice it is earlier. As a stagnated liver can delay ovulation and periods, liver love is always a must when focusing on supporting hormonal balance. You may experience a reduction in period pain and PMS symptoms like breast tenderness and irritability before your period.

If for whatever reason you experience a severe reaction to any of the ingredients in the Liver Cleanse program like nausea, severe cramping or diarrhoea, please consult with your health care practitioner.

Please note that frequent diarrhoea can alter the absorption and effectiveness of any medications you may be taking (even the oral contraceptive pill) so do not ignore persistent diarrhoea”.

Written by TCM Dr. Lauren Curtain

Yours in information,
Your Tea
Traditional Chinese Restoratives



Our Liver Cleanse program is just 2 weeks, yet intensive. This cleanse is ideal for those with a stronger constitution, that feel their body needs a detox/reset/reboot; retaining what you body needs and ridding what it does not need.

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