Which Tea For My Pesky Problems?

There’s more to butterflies in the stomach and nervous sweats than you…

There’s more to butterflies in the stomach and nervous sweats than you think. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), our emotions are very closely linked to and can be the cause of ailments we see daily.

Excess emotional activity causes severe yin-yang energy imbalances, stagnation in the flow of blood, Qi (vital energy) blockages and impairment of vital organ functions. Once physical damage has begun, treating the emotion itself is not enough to support a cure; the prolonged emotional stress will require physical action as well.

Each organ is associated with an overarching emotion; these emotions affect the health of the organ, its Qi. When the Qi is blocked, the meridian’s that span from that organ are affected, causing issues to arise along their pathways.


The liver Qi, for example, is affected by the emotions associated with anger – resentment, frustration, bitterness. When these emotions become overwhelming, liver Qi stagnation causes issues along the liver meridian – eczema, rashes, hives, puffy face, hiccups. So, naturally, when treating these ailments, we want to look at treating the organ associated too.

Rashes, hiccups, coughing or weight gain? Not sure which organ is causing you problems?


Liver Cleanse

The combination of TCM herbal ingredients in Liver Cleanse is designed to go to work cleaning up and nourishing your liver.

Hangover Tea

Pu gong yin, found in Hangover Tea is wildly loved for its ability to cleanse and detoxify the liver, helping to flush out toxins via urine.

Happy Tea

Go qi zi (goji berries) are used to nourish the liver and kidney.


Sleep Tea

Lotus, found in Sleep Tea is used to nourish the heart, improve brain health, and increase mentality.

Her Tea

Ginger, found in Her Tea, is used to assist with heart Qi, it is gently warming in nature and interacts with both the heart and kidney.

Spleen Diagram


Sleep Tea

Lotus, found in Sleep Tea is used to tonify the spleen.

Digestive Herbs (Formerly known as Tiny Tea)

Ingredients in Digestive Herbs work to nourish the gut, spleen included.

Kidneys Diagram


Sex Tea

From a Chinese Medicine perspective, we focus a lot on the energy of the kidneys to support good hormone balance. Ingredients in Sex Tea go to work on the kidneys to stimulate functionality and enhance kidney Qi.

Energy Tea

Du zhong, found in Energy Tea is used to treat the kidneys and liver.



Hangover Tea

Pu gong yin is used in treating conditions of the lungs and is found in Hangover Tea and Anti-C Tea

Happy Tea

Chrysanthemum, in Happy Tea is used to disperse wind and clear heat, assisting the lung meridian.


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