When causes of insomnia are more mental than physical… Insomnia is a…

When causes of insomnia are more mental than physical…

Insomnia is a common condition that can be extremely debilitating not only mentally, but physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We all have those nights where we’re tossing and turning, and your mind goes on to think “how was the world created?” “I wonder what I will be doing a year from now”, and so on and so forth. But could there be something more to the cause of insomnia, other than just inappropriate cortisol production and stress?

I have seen in clinic time and time again, patients going through a stressful experience, but never dealing with it completely emotionally. Many people tend to push it down, try to get on with their life, and some even try to convince themselves it never happened. This all creates an environment for it to sit in our subconscious mind; which then often arises when we’re trying to relax, or perhaps you might find they rear their head in nightmares or dreams. All of this is very common, and it can be easily amended and dealt with.

As a qualified yoga teacher, I often do meditation in my classes, as well as myself at home. The particular type of meditation I am referring to is Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is similar to guided meditation, first you scan your body to become aware of yourself, or presence within the room and the environment, and then you scan each and every body part. Incredibly relaxing, but it also takes you into a state where the body is relaxed but the mind is free to roam and explore. Through this mind exploration, the practitioner (yoga teacher) takes you on a journey, saying a series of phrases or words, and your mind and subconscious fill in the gaps. You create an amazing, individual and personal story in your mind. All of these subconscious thoughts and events buried deep down in your mind are allowed to be set free. It is an incredible moving experience; you’re left feeling clear, calm and free of negative energy.

Often over the next few nights after a Yoga Nidra practice, you can have very vivid dreams; more subconscious thoughts are being uncovered and released. A nightly Yoga Nidra practice over the space of one week has changed many of my clients (and my own) mindsets, and mental and emotional clarity.

Although at the time many of us have trouble dealing with our stressors, emotional or spiritual blockages, but if we continue to push them aside, physically they can detriment the human body. You’re more inclined to be in your sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight state), you produce more of your stress hormone cortisol, you can lower energy levels, and yet can’t seem to sleep; and you can even alter your metabolism, hormone production and brain chemical function. Having a regular Yoga Nidra or meditation practice prevents this process from occurring; so take some time, be selfish and be aware of your thoughts, emotions and mindset, and don’t be afraid of it, because the negativity will leave if you allow it to.

Yours in slumber,
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Meet ERIN, who’s words you just devoured;

“I am both a qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist, with a Bachelor of Health Science Degree majoring in Naturopathy, and an Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine. I am also a registered Yoga Teacher.
Having a passion for food, cooking and the healing power of Mother Nature; I treat holistically, by assessing every body system, as well as diet and lifestyle to get to the root of dis-ease, enabling me to treat the cause rather than the symptoms.
I am registered with the Australian Natural Therapies Association (ANTA) and Yoga Alliance.
I also run a yoga retreat and luxury accommodation business in the alpine region of Victoria at a venue called “215 Mt Buffalo Retreat”.  We have our own built in infra-red hot yoga studio, an oversized in ground pool, and 3 houses set on 26 acres.”
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