Eat Less and Feel Full

If you want to eat less while still feeling full, then you need to start looking at your food and meal times a little differently. We’ve got the scoop.

We’ve heard it multiple times. Losing weight is about portion control, but how do you eat less and still feel full?

For many of us, eating less just means that we’re constantly starving. Sure, we could eat a half of sandwich, and our stomachs could also turn inside out. It really doesn’t seem like smaller portions are that easy. However, that’s not the only part of eating less.

Eating less also means that you cut out distracted, unnecessary eating, so you focus your calories, sugar, carbs, and protein on foods that matter. To help you eat less and lose weight while still feeling full, we’ve compiled a list of things that you can try.


Plate Your Main Course

We know it’s tempting to throw the entire meal on your kitchen table so everyone can serve themselves. That’s a bad idea. While you’re still in the kitchen, plate your meal with the right servings of veggies, protein, carbs, and dessert. Then, bring your plate to the table and nothing else. It can cut your mealtime calories by 15-20%.

Leave the Debris

Don’t jump to do the dishes right away after you eat. To eat less, leave the leftover debris from your meal. If you had chicken wings, leave the bones on your plate. If you’re eating muffins, leave the muffin papers. When you see the debris, it’s easier to recognize how much you’re eating, whereas getting rid of the trash can make you eat more. Seeing the trash can help you eat 27% less.

Use Smaller Plates

Smaller plates and bowls can help you feel like you’re eating more and can help you control your portions. A normal-sized portion looks huge on a slightly smaller plate, and that’s exactly what you want.

Save the Alcohol for Dessert

Alcohol can make you uninhibited while you eat. To eat less, enjoy your glass of wine or beer after your meal and drink it with a bowl of fruit or a small muffin.

Pay Attention While You Eat

We eat too quickly. Eating fast makes it difficult for our bodies to recognize when they’re full. By eating slowly, stopping, looking, and listening while you eat, you can prolong your meal. Eating longer helps you feel fuller and overeat less. Start mindful eating today.

Divide the Food on Your Plate

If you’re at a friend’s house or a restaurant, and you’re served a very large portion, to eat less, divide the food on your plate at the very beginning. Take the mountain of rice and put it into a little “now” pile and a “later” pile. Cut your meat into multiple portions based on what you can have now and later.

Chew Gum or Drink Tea While Baking

If you’re in the kitchen making delicious cookies or to-die-for brownies, throw a piece of gum in your mouth or make a cup of Mint Chocolate Rooibos tea first. By keeping your mouth busy with strong mint-flavored gum or flagrant tea, you can stop yourself from snacking while you bake.

It’s possible to eat less at your meals. As long as you know what tricks you need to do to make it easier, you can lose weight without starving yourself.

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