Avoiding Weight Gain on Vacation

Are you tired of gaining weight whenever you go on vacation? Try our five tips to avoid weight gain.

There’s almost nothing better than going on vacation. Getting away from work and spending time in a new place is so refreshing and uplifting. Unfortunately, there’s a negative side to every coin. It’s incredibly easy to gain weight while on vacation, but you don’t have to accept it as something you can’t avoid. If you follow a few tips, you can pack your bags without packing the pounds.



  • Control Your Breakfast: Few of us have a full breakfast every morning when we’re home, yet that all changes on vacation. We tend to eat a huge breakfast and a big lunch and dinner. Instead, control your breakfast and enjoy a cup of berries or something small to take the edge off your hunger and save your calories for lunch and dinner.
  • Snack Carefully: Don’t stop by every pastry stop and get something to eat when you’re on vacation. Learn to snack smarter by bringing your own snacks along or by picking up simple snacks such as crackers or nuts for protein.
  • Hit the Grocery: Particularly if you’re on a long vacation, hit the grocery store to stock up on healthier local food. You don’t have to make all your own meals, but you can get a few things to help you have a lighter breakfast, better snacks, and late night desserts.
  • Don’t Buffet: You’re on vacation, so it’s okay to hit the buffet every night, right? Wrong! Avoid the buffet whenever you can, unless you have no other choice. Choose to go to restaurants where you can more easily control your portion and the food you’ll eat.
  • Walk: When you’re on vacation, it’s the perfect opportunity to stop using your car to get everywhere. Instead, try walking to dinner, taking a bike to the beach, or going for a swim in the hotel pool. Get moving and you can afford to eat a little more.


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