6 Ways to De-Stress Your Weekend

A busy workweek deserves a relaxing weekend. Learn how to de-stress and recoup so you can handle Monday morning.

Do you go-go-go all week and then keep going all weekend long? While that might be great for a little while, eventually you need to de-stress and take it easy. Your body and mind need a chance to relax and reset each week. Monday won’t even know what hit it if you can take a break over during the weekend.

So, how do you make it happen?


Set an Alarm

While sleeping in might be relaxing, it takes away from your weekend. When you sleep in, you lose valuable hours. Instead, keep your weekday-sleeping pattern and get up early. You’ll be able to lie out beside the pool or punch out your errands early in the morning, leaving you more time to chill.


A good workout helps to clear your mind. While the last thing you might want to do is hit the gym and sweat it out, that’s exactly what you need. Exercising gets your blood pumping and leaves you feeling great afterward. If you want to up the fun-factor, do something different. Go for a long hike. Hit the rock climbing gym. Go out biking.

Turn Off Work

It’s tempting to keep your cell phone next to you all weekend long, but you need to turn it off and let it be. How can you de-stress if you’re spending Saturday and Sunday catching up on emails or getting started on upcoming projects? Say “no” to work and take two days to focus on you, your friends, and your family.

Be Careful About Binging

We’ve all done it. Friday night arrives, and we decide to binge watch a new TV show. That binging eventually consumes our entire weekend and come Monday you don’t know what happened. That’s not what you want. Researchers have proven that happier people spend less time watching TV or playing on their computer. Try to get away from the screens and do something else.

Go Outside

Staying locked inside your house will not help you de-stress. Nature is one of your best stress relievers. Go out and find a beautiful calm lake or river. Enjoy the sound of water and let your mind wander. Or go for a nice long walk in the woods or around a park. When you silence the noise and focus on the beauty around you, it can help you reboot.


Sometimes the best way to de-stress is to get out of your head. The workweek can be killer. What you need is to let go of all the pressure, stress, and anxiety from the week by meditating, reading, and chilling with nothing on your mind. It’s okay to stare off into space and drink a cup of Happy Tea.

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