How our Skin Herbs Tea does exactly this.

Fact: the health of our skin starts from within.

Our skin is our largest organ, and you could say the most expressive organ. It is in fact, an intricate map that shows you (unashamedly), exactly what’s going wrong internally.

Its expression can be aesthetically inconvenient, granted; however it really is our best teacher; if we listen.

Let’s take a look at cystic acne. More often than not doctors will prescribe fairly severe medication to ‘clear’ it. Often this medication can lead to dry, flaky skin; right? Right. Reason being is the medication for cystic acne is very drying – because cystic acne according to TCM is aggravated by ‘damp and heat’.

Yet once you come off the medication (usually due to the fact its side effects are pretty undesirable), it returns.

Yes – the root of the cause ladies and gents; if the root of the cause is not addressed then the issue will reappear.

Just how then, does our Skin Herbs Tea manage to address the root of the cause and in significantly reduce cystic acne?

Let’s look at some prime points below.

Ingredients; Skin Herbs Tea is quite a cooling blend. Cooling to the point of addressing excess heat, yet still allowing to keep the digestive fire alive.

For example; contained in SMT is jasmine. It is particularly cooling and calming, helping to drain and dry out puss accumulations and help to generate new skin – this is useful to assist in treating and preventing scarring.

Aloe vera is another star of the show within SHT; a common house hold name known for its cleansing and clearing abilities. It helps to nourish and rejuvenate the skin, meaning not only does it go to work on feeding your skin but equally to hydrate, clear heat (think cystic, sore pimples) and drain away any inflammation. It achieves all this by its unique ability to drain heat via urination.

Another point in addressing cystic acne, is gut health.

Again, we may bang on about this fact at Your Tea, but the digestion is the absolute pivot of health.

If this isn’t functioning, then the rest of the body starts to fail.

Herbs within SHT that are helpful for digestive health are licorice root and lotus seed. Licorice root is harmonizing and nourishing. Because it is sweet in flavor it works on digestion (and that’s were it all begins!), it aids the spleen and stomach in assimilating nutrients. Sometimes when our gut health is compromised we can’t adequately utilize the nutrients we consume, because our bodies can’t happily digest. If we can’t use the fuel from food, then our bodies miss out on a nutrient level meaning we may experience more acne flare ups simply because the body is missing elements that are vital to nourish skin.

To date, we have received amazing feedback about our SHT helping to significantly help and address cystic acne, improving the quality of life for many.

Starting at the root of the cause is the absolute pinnacle of getting your skin in order, and following this we hope, will be confidence.

Yours in skin health,
Your Tea

Skin Herbs Tea

Skin Herbs Tea

Our Skin Herbs Tea is quite a specific blend to those suffering with acne, Due to the cooling nature of these ingredients, it aims to target internal heat of the body that is otherwise escaping through painful, sore acne. In addition, these ingredients tend to other heat related issues such as eczema, dry scalp, irritability and night sweats.


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