“GOING TROPPO” – A TCM Take on this Slang Term.

Words by TCM Dr. Peter Haxell. ‘’Going troppo’’ – or in other…

Words by TCM Dr. Peter Haxell.

‘’Going troppo’’ – or in other terms; ‘to become mentally disturbed; too crazy or wild due to high humidity and heat’.

The term originated in the north of Australia, at times and intensely humid and hot tropical climate.

‘Going troppo’ is not just a slang term, it actually hints at the dysfunction that can occur in humid climates leading to symptoms such as irritability, mood swings and mental disturbance. This extends to nausea, body fatigue, lethargy, foggy-headedness, weight gain, and sluggish appetite.

In TCM humid climates are considered as ‘damp-heat’ inducing: the extremes in heat and humidity affect the core temperature of the body leading to heat internally and the inability to regulate fluids properly. One thing that can exacerbate or worsen this pattern is the intake of cold beer, cold food, and cold drinks… and the first thing most people reach for on a hot humid day is, mostly like an icy cold beer or beverage.

This leads to your core temperature increasing and your body expending energy so that the fluid or food is brought to body temperature and can be absorbed.

However, in large amounts, it also interferes with your body circulating blood to the extremities to help cool your core temperature. The more cold food and drinks you ingest, the more blood is pumped to the gut and your core temperature elevates. This is when mental changes such as irritability or going slightly crazy kick in; much the same as when you run a high fever.

It will also lead to nausea, fluid retention, and cellulite, weight gain, and poor gut function, as well as making it harder for your body to hydrate.

Anti-C Tea is an ideal blend for those in humid climates looking to maintain healthy gut function, energy levels, and stable moods. It contains the herb Poria – a mild damp clearing herb that is slightly diuretic in its action. This allows it to drain excess fluids from the body to be eliminated via the Bladder. The two other main ingredients are slightly cool in nature and regulate the liver to calm stress and mental vexation, whilst also assisting to stabilise core temperature to prevent heat accumulating internally”

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