It’s fairly common knowledge by now, that what’s happening on the outside…

It’s fairly common knowledge by now, that what’s happening on the outside of our skin is a direct reflection of what’s happening on the inside of your body.

Or, perhaps this is new music to your ears?

One of the major benefits that our customers report to us post Digestive Herbs (formerly TinyTea), is glowing skin. We’re talking a clear up of pimples, eczema, psoriasis, acne, black heads, rashes and sporadic breakouts.

We will cut straight to the nitty gritty with an explanation from TCM Dr. Lauren Curtain as to why the Digestive Herbs are able to have this effect.

“In Chinese medicine, we see the skin is a direct insight into the inner workings of your organs. Red, blotchy skin can indicate excess heat or inflammation, pale lustreless skin can indicate a blood deficiency or anaemia and acne can tell us a lot about your digestive system. Acne that is red and inflamed will tell us there is some heat/inflammation in your digestive system and cystic acne or whiteheads can indicate there is a build-up of fluid and dampness in your body that is not being processed effectively and being pushed out to the skin (one of our main detoxification pathways). Digestive Herbs is a blend specifically formulated to target sluggish metabolism of fluids and strengthen overall function of our digestive system to prevent fluid accumulation from building up in the first place.

When our digestive systems are humming along nicely, we are able to absorb the necessary nutrients needed to maintain clear healthy skin and clear out waste before it builds up in our body resulting in dampness we then push out through the skin.

Utilising Digestive Herbs can be a wonderful support for improving your digestive system and a result, clearing acne for healthy glowing skin”.

Yours in glowing skin,
Your Tea
Traditional Chinese Restoratives.

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Digestive Herbs Tea (Tiny Tea)

Digestive Herbs Tea (Tiny Tea)

Our core blend Digestive Herbs was specifically developed to aid in the gentle restoration of a depleted digestive system. Ideal for systems prone to bloat, discomfort, unpredictability and general dysfunction. The Chinese herbs are designed to warm, nourish and repair the system naturally, so that it may perform its intended role of digestion.


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