Traditional Chinese Medicine does not cut corners when it comes to health….

Traditional Chinese Medicine does not cut corners when it comes to health. Their principle is one must restore before they deplete – Furthermore, one must have enough sustenance in their body to support cleansing the liver.


It is a beautiful set of words that should be uttered more in this world of health.

Far too often, people are encouraged to “cleanse their liver” when they simply do not have the energy to do so.

Let’s break it down into an analogy.

Imagine this: a car’s engine is dirty/filled with gunk and needs a proper clean at the mechanics.

BUT – the car gasoline tank is empty.

What to do? Naturally – you must fill up with gasoline so you can make it to the mechanics.

Yes – you are a car in that analogy.
And the gasoline tank is your digestive system.

Let’s convert:
Cleansing your liver from a TCM perspective is not something everyone can do. Especially if you don’t have enough sustenance in your body to do so.

How does one increase sustenance? Focus on restoring the digestive system. As enticing as it is to jump into a “liver cleanse”, one has to ensure that their body is in the right situation for it to happen. If we cleanse the liver when the body is weak, it can simply damage or exhaust the person. Which entirely defeats the purpose and/or sets the person back physically and energetically.

So how does one know if they need restoration first?

If your body is in need of restoration, some common signs would be waking up extremely tired on the morning, poor digestion, having a low mood and/or feeling weak in general.

This is when a liver cleanse is likely not right for you. This is where we would recommend our Digestive Herbs first – followed by a Liver Cleanse if it has helped to restore your body. If you’re feeling better post Digestive Herbs, but still not 100% – then this is when the Liver Cleanse would not be suitable for you. Remain on the Digestive Herbs and pay close attention to what you’re putting in your body, getting enough rest and being around people that you feel great with (don’t forget we eat our emotions as well as our food!).

If you’ve had a few months of weeks on consuming fatty, rich, sugary foods or you’ve been sedentary when you’re normal quite active – then this may be an ideal time to kick start your system again. You know that ‘tired’ feeling you get when you’ve been eating poorly, sleeping poorly and just being a little lazy with lifestyle? That’s Liver Cleanse time!

Be sure to check in with yourself so you can understand what your body is needing or wanting.

Yours in checking in,
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Traditional Chinese Restoratives 

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Liver Cleanse (14 Day)


Why cleanse your liver?
Stressing your system by way of inevitable toxic build up and a tired digestive system places a huge load on the body. You may not know that plaque and gunk build up, even in healthy guts, as a means to protect the body.
When we clean out excess stress and load, the body will thrive.


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