5 Reasons to Try Digestive Herbs, formerly Tiny Tea

If you’re unsure about our Tiny Tea, we have five more reasons you should give it a try today.

If you’re on our website, you’ve probably wondered, “What’s up with tea detoxes? Do they really work?” Well, you came to the right place. We’re the experts on tea detox, and we think our Digestive Herbs, formerly Tiny Tea is pretty great. Unlike other detoxes that rely on “flushing” your body through laxatives, Tiny Tea was created based on traditional Chinese Medicine principles to gently nourish and cleanse your digestive system. We’re not about using a fire hose to get rid of everything. Digestive Herbs, formerly Tiny Tea aims to create a healthier you, naturally.

Beyond the amazing ingredients in Digestive Herbs, formerly Tiny Tea, ingredients like Jue Ming Zi and He Ye, it’s a great detox because it does so much more than just help you lose weight. According to Dr. Nat, a traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) specialist, Tiny Tea can reduce your sugar cravings, increase your energy, assist with PMS, and so much more. But even all of that isn’t why you should try Tiny Tea. We have five more reasons.

It’s Easy

Unlike other detox plans that require you to buy endless fruits and vegetables or to change your entire diet, Digestive Herbs, formerly Tiny Tea just requires you to drink three teas each day. That’s it. You don’t have to change your entire life or spend hundreds of dollars at the grocery store. You just need to drink Digestive Herbs, formerly Tiny Tea morning, noon, and night. Although, for best results, we recommend following our Eating Plan.

Digestive Herbs, formerly Tiny Tea is Healthy

Not every detox is safe or healthy for your body. In fact, some detoxes can be downright dangerous. When you choose to detox with Digestive Herbs, formerly Tiny Tea, you’re using all natural ingredients to treat your body well. We don’t slip in things like ephedrine or artificial sugar. Our Digestive Herbs, formerly Tiny Tea is packed only with herbs that grow in the wild and have been shown to pack a punch of health in TCM.

It’s Slimming

If you’re going to do a detox, you want to get a lot out of it. Digestive Herbs, formerly Tiny Tea assists in healthily reducing your excess body weight. Shan Zha is especially effective in weight loss. It’s known to improve digestion, calm your gut, and remove stagnant food in you body. However, Shan Zha is just one ingredient.

Digestive Herbs, formerly Tiny Tea Helps You Feel Amazing

The goal of any detox should be to feel great. Digestive Herbs, formerly Tiny Tea doesn’t just help you shed pounds and inches, it also nourishes and revitalizes your mind, body, and soul. At Your Tea, we believe that healthy living is made up of multiple components and we made Digestive Herbs, formerly Tiny Tea to check as many boxes as we could.

It’s Loved and Proven

Unlike other detoxes that might have a few people who “claim” it works, Digestive Herbs, formerly Tiny Tea has over 870,000 people who have tried it and love it. Plus, nearly all of our customers say they would try it again.

Mima said, “I’m addicted to it! Haha.”

Doria said, “I’ve lost 2.5 lbs weight and I feel slimmer than ever! It’s delicious with lemon and honey. I’m really enjoying the Your Tea teatox experience.”

Nicole said, “I have been using Tiny Tea (Now Digestive Herbs) on and off for two years now…The results are amazing! I have so much energy, I feel great, in a better mood and it toned my stomach and curved my cravings. I lost 7 pounds in a month!”

There are so many reasons you should try Tiny Tea (Now Digestive Herbs) today. What are you waiting for?

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