February Charity: Kinder Raising Voices

Late May last year in India, one of the Your Tea team…

Late May last year in India, one of the Your Tea team members had the pleasure of meeting a kindred soul by the name of Katja.

Originally from Germany, Katja relocated to Uganda where she and her husband Nathan, started an orphanage from their home, at one stage having over 20 orphans living with them.
Kinder Raising Voices Children

Whilst in India, Katja practiced yoga, and jewellery making to take skills back to Uganda and teach the kids.

The kids, Katja and her husband, Nathan, all live under one roof and see themselves as one big family. School tuition fees are paid for by Katja and Nathan, some of the children go to boarding school returning on holidays to help with workshops for the others.

There’s a workshop for the kids to learn crafts after school, a great tool for the community as it keeps everyone busy and learning. Here they practice jewellery making, woodwork, sewing, Katja also teaches the kids yoga and meditation and is hoping to build a primary school in future.

Kinder Raising Voices Children Practicing Yoga

About 3 hours out of Kampala, in Wattuba, there have been problems with the water for almost a year now thanks to a very long dry season. With your help, Katja and Nathan are able to build a borehole. They’ve done so previously, but this time they can employ the use of machinery, enabling them to dig deeper and have access to water all year round, for the whole neighbourhood.

With thanks and love, Your Tea

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Kinder Raising Voices

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