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Founded in 1989, Womankind Worldwide has transformed the lives of 18 million woman, their families and communities included, across the globe.

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As part of our women-focused October campaign, we partnered with another women-centric organisation, one that we feel very strongly about supporting, Womankind Worldwide.

Founded in 1989, Womankind Worldwide has transformed the lives of 18 million women, their families and communities included, across the globe.

Their aim? To end violence against women; to ensure women have a say in the decisions that affect them, and to enable women to take control of their own livelihoods. And that’s something we stand behind with all our hearts.

In every country, across all groups and classes, violence against women is a constant threat. One in three women experiences violence in her lifetime, most often with the abuser someone known to her. The scale and severity are overwhelming, but Womankind is taking a stance and working closely with organisations on the ground to ensure their support reaches the people it needs.

Partnering with local organisations in Africa, Asia, and South America, Womankind engages in a range of projects and services which help to transform the lives of women and girls. Their partnerships support women-only programs and clubs, legal aid, health groups, paralegal teams, HIV support groups, the list goes on; ultimately, to ensure the continued growth and development of women. Empowering women is at the forefront of their efforts, through refuges for those escaping violence, programs to support women MPs and community leaders, and innovative solutions ensuring pathways to success for women.

One of the most powerful ways of empowering women to take control of their livelihoods is training in leadership skills, so that women can have their voices heard and challenge discrimination. Womankind works closely with local grass roots partners to focus on strengthening civil society and supporting local women’s rights movements in the countries they work. This empowers and enables local organisations to better the lives of women and families, in their community.

Womankind 2014-15

*From Womankind Impact Report 2014-15

Their Impact, in 2014-2015:

  • Womankind worked with 32 women’s rights organisations in 13 countries
  • Directly supported 103,124 women through projects, services, leadership training or refuge space
  • Indirectly supported 10.4 million women, girls, men and boys through awareness raising on women’s rights and changes to legislation, policies, and practices.

More specifically, through their partnerships, Womankind achieved:

  • One million people were reached through radio announcements aired by the Federation of Women Lawyers in Kenya on violence against women and girls, enabling individuals to learn about and assert their rights
  • 8,031 women in Zimbabwe have received free legal aid advice from the Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association
  • 4,821 refugee women and girl survivors of violence in Tanzania received legal assistance and support from lawyers
  • 795 women in Ethiopia are running businesses
  • 120 women survivors of violence in Sierra Leone were provided with training, start-up kits, seed money, resources and counselling by our partner Graceland Sierra Leone
  • 40 women in Nepal were trained in various skills enabling them to earn an income and send their children to school
  • 31,500 young people in Bolivia learnt about sexual and reproductive rights and violence against women
  • 13,977 people engaged with the Un Hombre No Viola (Real men don’t rape) campaign in Peru
  • 10,301 people in Nepal were reached through FEDO’s lobbying and advocacy meetings, putting pressure on the political parties and local government to take the needs of Dalit women into account. One major party introduced a quota for Dalit women in all levels of their organisation and another elected Dalit women to their central committee for the first time ever.
  • A 563% increase in funding was announced by the UK government to address violence against women and girls globally, with a greater focus on preventative work.The UK Government announced it was contributing £8million to a civil society fund (AmplifyChange) supporting grassroots women’s rights organisations.12 of our partners were supported to attend the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict with funding from the UK government and other sources, enabling them to share their expertise.

We’re so thankful for the work Womankind have been doing for women worldwide. To read more about the women who run Womankind, their active partnerships or how they’ve helped, head to their website.

With Love,

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