Medical Astrology: Taurus

Astrologer Daisy takes us through the notion of how astrology can influence…

Astrologer Daisy takes us through the notion of how astrology can influence our body much more intricately than we comprehend. In short, “medical astrology” looks at each archetype’s emotional predisposition and links it back to the fact that emotions then manifest as physical symptoms in the body. As you all know by now, TCM sees the body as one unit; the emotional affects the physical and the physical effects the emotional.

Disclaimer; “medical astrology” is a topic that you can take or leave. It may feel applicable to you, or it may not.

However, if you’re searching for answers to continual ailments that never seem to resolve – it is merely another avenue to explore since we are interconnected ‘human-beings’ after all.

Are you a Taurus? Then this blog is for you.

Taureans are ruled by the planet of Venus meaning that sensuality, pleasure and beauty are generally priorities for you, Taurus. Enjoy and indulge in the material plane but of course, all within balance. Take your time with all tasks in life Taurus and don’t allow anyone to rush you. To prevent this slow sensuality turning into sluggishness, perhaps adding some enjoyable exercise into your daily routines will help add more fire to your energetic and physical bodies.

The zodiac of Taurus governs the throat, thyroid, metabolism and the bowels. These systems in the body can be prone toward slow and sluggish movements so, enjoy life Taurus and remember the importance of movement and exercise.

Watch the video below to learn with Daisy how astrology may influence your physical and emotional predispositions.

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