July Charitea: Children’s Fortress Africa

Children’s Fortress Africa have been working tirelessly since 2004 serving vulnerable street children in Kenya.


We’re often in contact with Children’s Fortress Africa, keeping up to date with all the wonderful things they’re doing, as well as, monitoring the progress of previous campaigns we’ve been fortunate enough to assist with.

They’re currently establishing a new project, involving the rescue of street children, with the inclusion of a ‘rescue pack’ to assist the children in settling home. Ensuring they’re equipped with the basics to help make it a smooth transition back home. What a fantastic idea, settling in home is one of the most challenging aspects of re-integration for these kids.

Street children often get caught up in addiction, usually sniffing glue or other substances. Relying on money from scavenging and selling goods, carrying luggage, directing motorists to parking spaces and cleaning, making up to US $1 per day; while girls are often forced into prostitution.

Predictably, it’s financial reasons that most often result in children being on the street. From issues within the family, such as abuse or death of a family member to a lack of money for school fees. Sometimes it’s peer influence, other times the child is from a very poor family and sent to the streets to fend for food that results in them being left there.

Regardless of the reason, street children are heartbreaking.

Children’s Fortress Africa (CFA) performs outreach work for street children, with a total of 17 children rescued since 2013, six of which have been rescued in 2016 alone. They’re making a difference.

There are approximately 250,000 children living on the streets in Kenya, 60,000 of which are in Nairobi. With only four government run shelters in Nairobi, it’s a little crowded, to say the least, the Joseph Kanathge rehab shelter for boys is one of them. On the outskirts of Kibera slum, the biggest slum in Kenya. CFA have been running bi-weekly sports programs at the centre to engage with the boys, they’ve also facilitated the fixing of the roof, and repairs to bunk beds so they no longer have to sleep on the floor.

It’s the action and kind-heartedness of souls like this that’s going to change the world.

The current project is set into two parts, the first being the rescue and reintegration of street children; the second is the school supplies essentials pack.

We’ve been lucky enough to support CFA for a number of years, with this particular project, we’re facilitating the rescue and rehabilitation of 20 street children.

We look forward to hearing about the success of this project,


With Love,

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